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Traveler urinates on I-81 to 'make good time'

July 10th, 2014 2:20 pm by Rain Smith

Traveler urinates on I-81 to 'make good time'

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

July 8

A car was stopped on East Sevier Avenue after police observed its "very dark windows." A field test was conducted, finding the tinting was "well over" the legal limit in Tennessee. A check of the driver's license also found it was suspended, prompting his arrest.

July 9

Police were called to Walmart on West Stone Drive, where a shoplifter had dropped $85 worth of clothes in the parking lot and fled on foot. He was soon located and apprehended, charged in that incident along with thefts from four days prior. In those instances, he allegedly made away with more than $1,100 in merchandise, including a pressure washer, chainsaw, impact wrench and vacuum hose.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

July 5

Mooresburg residents called police after finding their Chevrolet Cavalier and Saturn Ion had been vandalized. A large amount of damage were incurred to each vehicle and suspected of being caused by someone throwing a flower pot and cinder block.

July 7

A Rogersville man told police that their neighbor has not been taking care of his dog, leaving him and his wife to provide the animal with food and water.

July 9

A Church Hill woman reported someone entered her home and stole an engagement ring and picnic basket. The latter was filled with china dishes.

Police responded to Beech Creek Road on a report of a man "staggering in the roadway." They found him with slurred speech, his eyes "almost swelled shut all the way" and suffering bruising to his head. He also was "only wearing a T-shirt." After providing police "hardly any information" he was transported to the hospital by EMS.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

July 6

At 6:48 p.m. a deputy spotted a vehicle in the emergency lane of I-81 at mile marker 67. Outside of the SUV stood a man who was urinating, "making no attempt to conceal himself from the public's view." The subject, who was from Chantilly, Va., stated he had been "looking for a place to stop but hadn't found one," leading to his roadside relief. He also said that he was "trying to make good time" on his trip. An officer then advised him of the "numerous places that had restrooms" over his past 15 miles of I-81 — including multiple facilities at an exit only a quarter mile from where he stopped. A misdemeanor citation was issued for indecent exposure.

July 7

A Bloomingdale resident told a dispatcher that someone outside was "trying to kick the door down." An officer responded to find everything was OK, a would-be visitor was "just knocking on the door hard."

A Bluff City man claimed a female, who he had bought an amp from, entered his home uninvited, attempting to take back the equipment. She also allegedly hit him in the head during the incident. He identified her as a neighbor, but wasn't for sure of her name, nor the road she lives on.

A woman called 911 from Highway 421, but a dispatcher couldn't, "understand a word she is saying." A man then got on the phone to advise she's drunk, but her boyfriend has since cut her off the liquor.

A Bristol resident reported their neighbor — who owns a gun shop — was outside firing a machine gun. Police responded but couldn't' locate the suspect, didn't hear any gunfire.

July 8

A woman called police about an occupant to a Blountville property that she rents, saying her son had "snuck" the juvenile female into the residence. An officer responded to find only one person in the home. That individual was OK to be there, "on house arrest."

July 9

Police were alerted to a disturbance in a Kingsport neighborhood, where a man was "outside screaming at children." The caller added that the juveniles were "trying to run from him."

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