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Hawkins repeat offender back in court, accused of feces-related assault

July 3rd, 2014 4:46 pm by Jeff Bobo

Hawkins repeat offender back in court, accused of feces-related assault

Brandon Eugene Frost, 28

ROGERSVILLE — One of Hawkins County's most notorious repeat offenders was back in court Wednesday, accused of putting his feces into another inmate's cell and then threatening to kill that inmate.

Brandon Eugene Frost, 28, 103 Forest View Drive, Surgoinsville, is currently in the Hawkins County Jail serving time on a misdemeanor assault plea from earlier this year. He's also awaiting trial on two additional felony cases. Frost is charged with arson and insurance fraud in one case and burglary in the other.

Regarding the assault plea, Frost was originally charged in February with robbery, aggravated assault and theft for allegedly beating a man, almost biting off the man's finger and stealing the man's cellphones and hat. When the alleged victim couldn't be located by authorities to testify, Frost was offered and accepted a misdemeanor assault plea.

Since 2005, Frost has been arrested 43 times on 63 separate charges in Hawkins County. His longest stretch in jail was 242 days for aggravated assault in 2011.

In May he was charged via private prosecution with simple assault by fellow inmate Derrick Scarberry, who is charged in Hancock County with attempted murder.

On April 29 Frost reportedly was captured on jail video defecating on the bunk of the cell beside Scarberry. There was no apparent motive for the defecation.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Tony Allen told the Times-News Thursday his officers have gotten used to that type of random behavior from Frost.

Jailers moved Frost — who apparently believed Scarberry had informed jailers that he was responsible for the feces on the bunk — into the cell where the incident occurred and told him clean it up.

Scarberry alleged in his April 29 complaint that he was sitting on his bunk in his cell when Frost "dropped a pile of crap in front of my door."

Scarberry further states: "(Frost) then filled the mop bucket up and came back to my door and said, 'Snitch on me again.' He then dumped the bucket under my door, washing the crap into my cell, forcing me to walk through it to reach the button to let the C.O. know. Then after that he starts saying that he was going to try to kill me. I don't know what I did to make him mad because I've never done anything to him."

Scarberry was subsequently transferred back to the Hancock County Jail.

Frost was in Hawkins County Sessions Court on Wednesday to answer Scarberry's complaint. But Scarberry had decided not to follow through with the prosecution and the simple assault charge was dismissed.

Frost is scheduled to appear in Hawkins County Criminal Court on the arson, insurance fraud and burglary charges in October.

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