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Kingsport indecent exposure caught on cell phone

July 6th, 2014 2:00 pm by Rain Smith

Kingsport indecent exposure caught on cell phone

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

June 30

Dispatch was alerted to a possible disturbance at a home off of Weaver Pike, where someone was "throwing TVs and kids toys out the window." An officer responded to find no disturbance; the occupants were only discarding items to bag up as trash.

A 911 caller reported an altercation at a home on Bristol Caverns Highway. They stated people were yelling and screaming, and "sounds like someone hitting something." A responding deputy reported everything was fine — the incident was a "misunderstanding" involving "ice cream and kids."

July 1

Police responded to Rogers Road on a report of a suspicious, shirtless man knocking on the doors to multiple homes. When officers found the man — who had white flakes or powder on his chin and face — he denied going door to door and claimed he was in the area "to buy a horse." The suspect then "sprinted" away from police and was pursued to the yard of a residence on Bristol Caverns Highway. After being pulled from a pile of brush where he had attempted to hide, his sister arrived and offered that he must be under the influence, saying "this is not how he normally acts." Once learning his identity, dispatch advised he had five active warrants. He was arrested and transported to jail, additionally charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

July 1

The owner of a Rogersville home stated that a tenant had recently sent a letter saying they could no longer afford rent, adding that they would leave the keys at the residence. It was later discovered that the home had been "destroyed." Bathroom fixtures were cut throughout the residence, allowing water to spray out, while a sliced line in the basement was spilling raw sewage.

A Church Hill man reported that someone entered his car and stole his handicapped placard.

A Rogersville man complained about a neighbor's dogs, saying they chase him every time he leaves or returns to his driveway. On this date, they pursued him as he was riding a motorcycle, causing him to lose control and the bike to fall. Damages incurred were estimated at $400.

Kingsport Police Department

June 30

Police responded to a report of indecent exposure in Lynn Garden. The victims stated they were on their porch when a neighbor spotted them from his own yard. According to their statements in an incident report, the suspect "pulled his pants down and bent over exposing his buttocks." He also allegedly "spread his buttocks apart and was slapping them with his hand." As for a motive in their neighbor's lewd display, the victims suspected he was angry that they had reported him for shooting animals. Police knocked on the suspect's door but got no answer, while the complainants could only advise the man's first name. They did show police evidence captured on a cell phone: a picture of their neighbor "with his pants down."

July 1

Officers were called to a disturbance at a Clinchfield Street restaurant. One man claimed that when he walked by a table a diner "started yelling." The suspect offered an opposite account, saying the other man had spoken to him first. When he ignored him, according to the second man's account, the would-be greeter started calling him "derogatory names." Police took no action.

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