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Attempt to visit inmate prompts arrest

June 30th, 2014 3:42 pm by Rain Smith

Attempt to visit inmate prompts arrest

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

June 26

Two men were allegedly "fist fighting" on Hooven Street.

June 27

During a domestic disturbance on Bristol Caverns Highway, a woman claimed her boyfriend was trying to make her son "say bad words." According to the caller, that man had also been cheating with a neighbor.

A Deck Valley Road resident alerted dispatch to theft by his mother, saying she wouldn't give him a pawn ticket for his movies that she had sold.

A 911 caller from Kingsport claimed her father, armed with a golf club, was busting the windows out of her car.

June 28

A flute was reported stolen from a church on Fort Henry Drive.

A woman requested police accompany her to the home of a Bristol man. She said he had "kicked her out," is refusing to let her retrieve "Christmas stuff."

June 29

While driving along Painter Creek road, a woman allegedly punched her husband in the left eye. When she stopped at a stop sign he jumped out of the passenger side and contacted police, with a deputy observing his eye to be swollen. There were also scrapes on his arm from bailing out of the vehicle. The suspect was found to be intoxicated, claiming she had actually been hit by her husband. Officers observed no visible injuries on the woman, she was arrested for domestic assault.

Kingsport Police Department

June 28

An officer in a cruiser — and with the windows rolled up — heard a passenger of a vehicle on Lincoln Street scream an obscenity. Upon observing the individual to be "irate" inside the car police conducted a stop, with a pair of brothers inside saying they were having a family argument. The man who had yelled the curse word was found to have an active warrant for violation of probation, prompting his arrest. Afterwards, his brother became confrontational with police, allegedly yelling that his brother, "Didn't (expletive) do anything." He was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

June 26

A Church Hill woman reported her elderly father had been the victim of a driveway paving scam. The suspects allegedly did "terrible work," then cashed an $8,000 check from her father prior to completing the job.

June 28

Approximately $300 worth of fireworks were reported stolen from a fireworks stand set up along Highway 66.

A Church Hill man was outside his home when another man, 63, rode by on a bicycle, "screaming" about how he had cut the tires on the resident's vehicle. The tires were indeed found slashed, with an deputy later interviewing the suspect. He admitted to the vandalism, saying he "was afraid his wife was going leave in that vehicle." He was arrested.

A woman arrived at the Hawkins County jail, wishing to visit with an inmate. When asked for identification she handed over a fishing license, and was unable to tell officers how she had arrived at the Sheriff's Office. She agreed to perform field sobriety tests, at which time she, "began hopping on one leg and laughing." She also advised that "her fingers were about to fall off" due to the tests. She was arrested for public intoxication and booked into jail.

June 29

An ex-employee of a Mooresburg bar returned to the business. Before leaving she entered a bathroom, with it later discovered she had set, "the contents of the trash can on fire."

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