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Woman stomps cop's hat 'beyond use'

June 27th, 2014 11:41 am by Rain Smith

Woman stomps cop's hat 'beyond use'

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

June 23

A man in Piney Flats called police on his son, 31, after his offspring "poked" at him "with his finger."

June 24

A Bristol woman requested police assistance in retrieving a hair straightener from a former roommate. She said she'd been knocking on the door at the suspect's residence, but she refuses to answer.

A resident off the Blountville Highway called 911 on an 8-year-old boy, saying that he's "running around outside in the rain, will not come in." Eleven minutes later she reported no help was needed, the child has been corralled.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

June 25

A female motorist called police from Coeburn, reporting she had struck a "government pole." She blamed it on her brakes going out, then admitted to no longer being at the scene of the crash. She said she could speak with law enforcement "in about an hour."

Kingsport Police Department

June 24

A woman called police to Barnett Drive, where officers found her with a laceration above an eye and swelling to "numerous other places of her face." The injuries were reportedly inflicted by a boyfriend. He was angry she couldn't find his cell phone, strangled and head-butted the victim. He had fled the location prior to police arrival.

June 25

Police responded to a crash at an Eastline Drive apartment complex. A man told police that after he stopped in the parking lot, he was pulled from behind the wheel by his ex's current boyfriend. His Subaru was still in drive, thus it was left to "roll down a steep hill" and strike another apartment building. A crash report states the vehicle incurred moderate damage, the building slight. The car's owner was advised of how to pursue charges against his alleged attacker — who also reportedly punched him in the face numerous times.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

June 24

While responding to a report of domestic violence on Riverview Road, a deputy spotted the suspect walking along the roadway. Upon questioning she was found to be intoxicated and belligerent. When detained in a squad car to allow for further investigation, she spotted a deputy's hat lying in the floorboard: "stomped it flat beyond use or repair." She was then arrested for public intoxication and vandalism of county property. For the original incident police were alerted to — when she threw a mirror at her father, pulled a land line phone out of the wall — she was charged with domestic violence.

June 25

A Church Hill resident reported a windshield was broken on a vehicle outside his home. The suspect had allegedly been "bragging to people and on Facebook" that he had carried out the vandalism, using a cinder block that he then discarded in the woods.

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