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Bluff City man indicted on federal bomb charge

May 28th, 2014 3:10 pm by Matthew Lane

Bluff City man indicted on federal bomb charge

January 2013 mugshot of Lesley Cole from the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

GREENEVILLE — A Bluff City man who was allegedly involved in a fight with his mother and a friend while armed with a gun, knife, baton and pipe bomb, is now facing federal charges for his actions.

Lesley Cole was arrested by the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department in January 2013 and charged with attempted murder, five counts of aggravated assault and possession of a pipe bomb in connection to a fight at his home. An announcement on these charges is scheduled for Aug. 8.

Earlier this month, a federal grand jury in U.S. District Court in Greeneville indicted Cole on possessing and manufacturing a pipe bomb. A court date for these charges has not been scheduled.

The charges stem from an incident at Cole's residence, 1711 Mount Holston Road in Bluff City, when a friend came over to talk about an upcoming court date for Cole. In November, Cole was arrested for assaulting his mother that day, allegedly pointing a gun at her face before shooting the weapon at the floor.

Police and court records state the friend believed Cole was going to retrieve his mother's gun and was contemplating suicide. Cole's mother reportedly saw him grab the gun from her nightstand and stick it down his pants, and she was able to wrestle the weapon away from him, at which time he allegedly put her in a choke hold.

During the struggle Cole allegedly reached behind him with a knife and sliced at his friend, cutting his lip, and then "came forward with the knife towards his mother" but she "caught his wrist" and avoided being cut.

Police and court records state Cole's stepfather then called 911 and the fight continued until officer's arrived. When police arrived on the scene, they say Cole attempted to rush them while armed with a baton, but was stopped by his friend.

Officers report when they approached Cole, he had a lighter in one hand and a silver object, believed to be a flashlight, in the other. Cole allegedly then ran into his bedroom and threw the objects under his bed.

Authorities say the silver object turned out to be a pipe, not a flashlight, with one end having a cap and fuse. The Bristol bomb squad and ATF arrived and diffused the pipe bomb. A search of the residence reportedly revealed a second pipe bomb.

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