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Man found on floor of store accused of attacking police after being awakened

May 13th, 2014 1:29 pm by Rain Smith

Man found on floor of store accused of attacking police after being awakened

Stephen P. Chastain, 21, of 121 Tennessee St., Kingsport

KINGSPORT — A man found intoxicated and "passed out" in the infants aisle of a Kingsport Walmart faces charges of assault on police, as he allegedly kicked, headbutted and attempted to bite responding officers.

The incident occurred at approximately 3 a.m. Tuesday at the West Stone Drive location. According to a Kingsport Police Department incident report, a manager contacted authorities after discovering the suspect "passed out on the floor."

Police report locating Stephen P. Chastain, 21, of 121 Tennessee St., in the infant section and emitting a strong odor of alcohol. He was awakened and arrested for public intoxication, at which point he allegedly admitted to taking three Xanax.

While being escorted to a squad car in the parking lot, women identified in a report as Chastain's mother and girlfriend approached police. The incident report states that when a second officer turned the women away as they attempted to "kiss goodbye" to Chastain, he became "enraged."

After allegedly jerking away and shoving officers, Chastain was taken to the ground. While being placed into the back of the police cruiser, Chastain reportedly kicked at police, prompting a burst of pepper spray to his face.

During transport to the city jail, Chastain allegedly banged his head repeatedly against the barrier glass, and when told to quit he began kicking a side window. When the officer stopped and attempted to place leg restraints on Chastain, with assistance from two following officers who also pulled over, Chastain reportedly kicked and headbutted at police.

While he was "hanging out of the vehicle attempting to fight or escape," according to an arrest report, an officer struck Chastain with an open hand to the face, temporarily stunning him and allowing the door to be closed. Once arriving at the jail for booking, Chastain reportedly continued to fight, this time lunging forward in an attempt to bite or headbutt an officer.

Three officers carried Chastain inside, where they received additional assistance from several other officers. After being held down on the floor so police could complete a search, Chastain was placed into a restraint chair for his own safety and the safety of officers.

Chastain is charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and two counts of simple assault.

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