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Hawkins Board of Education postpones approving art project

May 12th, 2014 10:54 pm by Jeff Bobo

Hawkins Board of Education postpones approving art project

CHURCH HILL — Approval of a plan that would allow art students to paint murals on a high visibility water tank in Church Hill was put on hold by the Hawkins County Board of Education last week until more information becomes available.

Board member Chris Christian told the BOE Thursday that the First Utility District (FUD) has agreed to allow art students from Volunteer High School and Church Hill Middle School to paint murals on the water tank on Highway 11-W just west of the Goshen Valley Road intersection.

Christian said the proposal is to allow art students at both schools to design murals, then allow the community and student bodies to vote for their favorite design as a fundraiser for their schools' respective art programs.

"I spoke with the art department at Volunteer High School and have spoken with Church Hill Middle School principals, and they are in favor of moving forward with this," Christian told the BOE Thursday. "The timeline on this is going to be for next year. But we felt like we better go ahead and let the board know what our tentative plans are going to be so we can start moving forward with putting together a committee from the middle and high schools and make plans to put either a (CHMS) Panther or (VHS) Falcon, or a combination of the two to show school pride in our community."

Some of the concerns expressed by other board members were student safety and what type of equipment would be used to allow them to reach the high areas of the water tank.

Christian noted that those issues will be addressed ahead of time, but it was already agreed that middle school students wouldn't actually participate in painting the water tank itself.

There was also concern expressed about liability insurance.

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(Hawkins BOE student representatives honored.)

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