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Vote totals show Venable swept Sullivan precincts

May 8th, 2014 11:25 pm by J. H. Osborne

Vote totals show Venable  swept  Sullivan precincts

BLOUNTVILLE — Richard Venable won a wide majority of votes cast in the race for Sullivan County mayor on Tuesday in each of the 25 voting precincts in the county.

County Attorney Dan Street also won all 25 precincts, defeating two challengers in a three-way race for the GOP nomination.

Like Venable, with Tuesday's win Street faces no opposition in the county general election in August.

Countywide, Venable received 11,449 votes (77.59 percent) over incumbent Steve Godsey's 3,306 votes (22.41 percent).

And Venable's dramatic margin of victory held true in all 25 precincts.

Venable's strongest showing: 86.99 percent of votes cast in the mayoral race at precinct 9B (Clouds Bend United Methodist Church, Bradbury Street, Kingsport), which is part of Sullivan County Commission District 9 and includes the Ridgefields neighborhood.

That left Godsey with 13.01 percent of the vote there.

Godsey's best showing was in precinct 3A, where he garnered 34.08 of the votes cast in the mayoral race — compared to Venable's 65.92 percent there.

Precinct 3A is Anderson School, 9th Street, Bristol, which is Sullivan County Commission District 3.

Although Venable won in all 25 precincts by a wide margin, his support was even more dramatic in the western end of the county, where he received no less than 75 percent of mayoral votes cast in any one precinct — and his numbers typically ran in the mid- to low 80s, leaving Godsey's vote tally in the mid-teens in most of the 14 precincts west of Blountville.

The split between the county's east and west was an even clearer factor in the race for the GOP nomination for county sheriff.

Incumbent Sheriff Wayne Anderson won the race with a comfortable countywide margin of nearly 17 points — winning 58.65 percent of the vote, compared to the 41.35 percent garnered by his opponent, County Commissioner Ty Boomershine.

The unofficial vote tally, with all 25 precincts reporting: Anderson, 8,633 votes; Boomershine, 6,087 votes.

But Boomershine actually carried 11 precincts, with his best showing at precinct 4B, where he garnered 66.42 percent of votes cast in the sheriff's race.

Precinct 4B is Sullivan East High School.

Anderson's wins, however, in the 14 western precincts were for the most part by much more significant margins.

Anderson's best showing was in precinct 9B (Cloud's Bend United Methodist Church), where he garnered 81.96 percent of votes cast in the sheriff's race.

Boomershine carried the 11 precincts that are geographically from Blountville and eastward, which include Sullivan County Commission Districts 1 through 5.

Anderson carried the 14 precincts between Blountville and the county's western boundary, including the more heavily populated Kingsport, Colonial Heights, Lynn Garden and Sullivan Gardens areas that include Sullivan County Commission Districts 6 through 11.

In the precinct with the largest number of ballots cast in the GOP primary — 4A, the Sullivan County Office Building in Blountville — the race between Anderson and Boomershine was a near dead heat: Boomershine took 50.89 percent of votes cast in the sheriff's race; Anderson garnered 49.11 percent.

In that same precinct, Venable took 74.56 percent of the mayoral vote, compared to Godsey's 25.44 percent there.

Anderson's win in the Republican party primary means he will be the GOP nominee for sheriff on the county general election ballot in August.

There he will face John Taylor, who as the sole candidate for the Democratic nomination in that party's primary on Tuesday garnered 781 votes.

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