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Gillenwater wants to bring alternative dispute resolution to County Attorney's office

May 5th, 2014 2:00 pm by Katina Rose

Gillenwater wants to bring alternative dispute resolution to County Attorney's office

John Gillenwater ~ Candidate for County Attorney for Sullivan County

John Gillenwater is running for the office of county attorney for Sullivan County. He has lived in Sullivan County most of his life and has 40-plus years experience as an attorney, investment banker, entrepreneur and commercial pilot. Gillenwater also raised his children here and has been involved in various civic organizations over the years.

Gillenwater started thinking of pursuing public office after reading articles in the newspaper. He felt like he could provide a better way for handling legal disputes through alternative dispute resolution.

"It would be less expensive, doesn't leave the bitter aftertaste of lawsuits and makes it easier for the elected officials to work together. There is a better way to solve legal issues and I feel like alternative dispute resolution would be a better solution for everyone involved."

The Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Va., is one of Gillenwater's many projects for the local community. He was instrumental in getting the law school opened up in Southwest Virginia and an advocate of the school's focus on teaching alternative dispute resolution methods. Now he wants to carry that idea over to the county attorney's office.

He graduated from the College of Law at University of Tennessee after being in the U.S. Navy, aviation/jet navigation division, for four years. It was during his time in the Navy, stationed in Southeast Asia, that he started thinking about law school, and realized that was the direction he wanted to follow after working in the U.S. military court martial system. Gillenwater still enjoys flying and has his commercial pilot's certificate.

Throughout his career, Gillenwater has gained experience in trial practice, corporate litigation, environmental law and real estate. He has been instrumental in real estate development projects in the local area, along with operating his private practice office in Bristol for over 40 years.

This will be Gillenwater's first time running for public office.

"My office has always been open to the public and I will make time to talk to the interested citizens of Sullivan County. I can bring the elected officials together to work for the best interest of Sullivan County."

"I've always been a believer of public service and feel that, as good citizens, we should give back our time to our community. I would like to encourage everyone to be an active citizen and vote in the upcoming election," said Gillenwater.

Gilllenwater is an avid reader and enjoys traveling locally and abroad. Along with spending time with his wife and two grown children, he is active in many civic organizations. Just a few of these include his involvement with Tri-Cities Regional Airport Commission and the Greater Tri-Cities Foreign Trade Zone, Inc., Board of Directors. He is co-founder and director of Beaver Creek Walk, Inc., a non-profit Tennessee corporation organized to develop an urban waterway in Bristol, Tn/Va.

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