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Lt. Governor's daughter outspends competition in Sullivan County race

May 3rd, 2014 9:28 pm by J. H. Osborne

Lt. Governor's daughter outspends competition in Sullivan County race

BLOUNTVILLE — Sheena Ramsey (as in the lieutenant governor's daughter) Tinsley, running on a platform that includes knowing how to cut costs and wasteful spending, is outspending her competition by a two-to-one margin in her campaign to become the GOP nominee for Sullivan County Register of Deeds.

Tinsley's campaign — which includes her maiden name — had spent $33,678 between Jan. 16 and April 26, according to campaign financial disclosure reports on file with the Sullivan County Election Commission.

The other contender for the GOP nomination, Lional J. Mallicote, had spent $16,622.57 between Feb. 20 and April 26.
Voters will pick between Mallicote and Tinsley in the Republican party primary on Tuesday. The winner will go head to head in August with Revonda Wise, the sole candidate for the Democratic nomination in that party's primary on Tuesday.

The job they ultimately seek, register of deeds, currently pays $85,531 per year — but that is set to increase to $88,413 on July 1.

Tinsley's campaign has reported total receipts of $39,176 — including a loan of $7,100 from Tinsley to her campaign.
The Tinsley campaign's largest contribution came from a political action committee founded by her father, with RAAMPAC (Republicans Achieving A Majority) contributing $7,400.

Another political action committee, founded by former state representative Jason Mumpower, MUMPAC, contributed $5,000 to Tinsley's campaign.

Other contributions to Tinsley's campaign included: $1,000 from Lundberg for House; $250 from Rusty Crowe Victory Fund; $250 from Friends of Timothy Hill; $300 from Wolfe Development, Jonesborough; and $500 from Taylor Brands LLC, Fordtown Road, Kingsport.

More contributions to Tinsley's campaign: $500 from Ward Ashley Baker, political director, NRSC, Brentwood; $1,500 from Interstate Realty, Bristol; $1,000 from landfill developer Gary Rader, retired, Bluff City; $1,500 from Steve Johnson, owner of Johnson Commercial Development which is developing The Pinnacle off Interstate 81 at the 11-W interchange in Bristol; and $1,500 from Ron Ramsey for State Senate, Blountville.

Mallicote has reported total receipts of $16,625 — including $16,000 Mallicote loaned his own campaign.

Other itemized contributions reported by Mallicote between Feb. 20 and April 26 included $250 from Rebecca Mallicote, Ruskin, Fla., and $100 from Jim Belgeri, a candidate for the GOP nomination for Sullivan County highway commissioner.
On the spending side, the vast majority of what the Tinsley campaign has spent went out of state, including $28,612.93 to Majority Strategies, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., for printing and mail; and $750.59 total to FLS Connect, St. Paul, Minn., for robo calls.

Mallicote also reported spending in Florida: $1,665.62 to Big Daddy Signs, in Winter Garden, for signs. Mallicote reported spending $169.57 for website development to a online service based in California.

Among Mallicote's larger itemized expenditures: $7,200.88 total to Smart Market, Kingsport, for printing; $2,243.56 total to the Kingsport Times-News, Kingsport, for advertising; and $785./15 to Bristol Newspapers, Bristol, Va., for advertising.
Tinsley's campaign reported a balance on hand of $6,197.75 as of April 26.

Mallicote reported a balance on hand of $243 as of April 26.

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