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Failed drug test spurs felony vandalism

May 1st, 2014 1:50 pm by Rain Smith

Failed drug test spurs felony vandalism

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

April 28

A woman claimed her son — who is in the custody of his grandmother —is being beaten by a wooden spoon, not given daily baths.

A man requested police assistance in rounding up loose cows. He was in the roadway on a 4-wheeler, feared being struck by a vehicle.

April 28

A Bristol man reported his neighbor had threatened to "get even" the night before. Now his fence is cut, "sheep are gone."

April 29

A resident of Bristol Caverns Highway requested an officer's presence at his home. He said he was trying to cut trees on his own property, which makes his neighbor start cussing him.

Dispatch was alerted to a fight outside a Dollar General. A man holding a baby was reportedly bleeding from the mouth, while a woman was cussing the individual who dialed 911. A car's windshield was also broken in the incident.

Police were requested on Anco Drive. A caller claimed a car was "traveling down the road backwards" while an individual was simultaneously "standing on the hood."

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

April 28

A car was vandalized at Cherokee High School, leaving scratches on the hood and tobacco spit poured "all over."

A Rogersville man advised his wife had kicked him in the leg, then stole the phone when he tried to call 911. She claimed to have accidentally struck him when she tripped, adding that their argument was spurred by his Facebook post: "My marriage is a joke." They agreed to separate for a few hours, with police taking no action.

April 29

While a Rogersville woman was retrieving personal belongings out of another female's car, the vehicle owner allegedly made threats against her life. According to the victim, the woman pulled a gun from her waistband, warning that when she, "caught her walking in town she was going to take her money and take care of her."

A county restaurant reported the theft of $150 in ribs, $150 in chicken, $100 worth of sandwich meat and a box of blank checks.

April 30

While visiting her son's grave site, a woman discovered that someone had chipped away the tombstone's engraving of his likeness, leaving it "unrecognizable."

Kingsport Police Department

April 24

An East Stone Drive motorist reported he had just exited a custody hearing with his ex-wife, who is now following him and issuing threats against his mother.

April 25

A man called police on an intoxicated female, who was allegedly creating a disturbance on Gravely Road. Dispatch noted that she also threatened, "to kill him when she gets out of jail."

April 30

A city resident reported a dirt bike stolen from his home, naming a suspect who had just visited the residence. That individual was quickly and easily spotted — riding the motorcycle, without a helmet, on Moreland Drive at 3 p.m. — prompting his arrest for felony theft.

After a man was fired from a downtown restaurant, reportedly for failing a drug/alcohol test, his girlfriend visited the business. She allegedly accused an employee of "ratting out" her boyfriend — and while leaving the parking lot kicked and scratched a vehicle. Police observed damages to the Audi and later located the suspect, who claimed to have been "insulted" while at the restaurant. Based on evidence and witness statements, she was arrested and charged with felony vandalism.

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