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Godsey outspends Venable in latest Sullivan campaign financial report

April 30th, 2014 10:49 pm by J. H. Osborne

Godsey outspends Venable in latest Sullivan campaign  financial report


BLOUNTVILLE — Steve Godsey spent more on his re-election campaign during the most recent campaign financial reporting period than his challenger Richard Venable, according to public information on file with the Sullivan County Election Commission.

Godsey reported disbursements totaling $19,754.18 between April 1 and April 26.

That is the most recent period for which candidates were required to submit disclosures.

That left Godsey with about $3,967 on hand.

Venable reported campaign spending of $16,631 during the period.

That left Venable with $19,804 on hand.

Godsey reported total receipts of $11,250 during the period — including a personal loan of $9,500 from himself to his campaign.

Among Godsey's $1,700 in itemized contributions (over $100 each), the largest during the period was $1,000 from Joseph R. Gregory, self-employed, Piney Flats.

Venable reported total receipts of $10,580 during the period.

Among Venable's $8,650 in itemized contributions (over $100 each), some of the largest were: $1,000 from Pal Barger, business owner, Kingsport; $1,000 from Michael Locke, retired, Kingsport; $1,000 from Donald Carter, business owner (Tri-Cities Aviation), Kingsport; and $1,000 from Pamela Phillips, business owner (Tri-Cities Aviation), Kingsport.

The bulk of Godsey's $19,500.18 in itemized campaign spending went out of the region, according to his disclosure: $11,838 total to Margin of Victory, in Collierville (Shelby County), for two mail pieces.

Godsey also reported spending: $997 total to the Times-News for advertising; $750 to the Sullivan County GOP for a table and advertising; $999 to "Bristol Newspaper" for advertising; $1,706 to Charter Media for television advertising; and $1,580 total to Via Media, for television advertising.

Venable's $16,057 in itemized campaign spending included: $5,251.90 to Smart Media, Kingsport, for printed material; $3,166 to BTES (Vamedia), Bristol, for advertisement; $1,931.62 to Charter Media, for advertisement; $1,305 to WFHG-FM, Bristol, for advertisement; and $1,080.18 to WPWT-AM & FM, Bristol, for advertisement.

Other campaign expenditures reported by Venable for the period included: $750 to the Sullivan County Republican Organization, for Reagan Day Dinner tickets; $500 to VIP Seen, Kingsport, for advertisement; $734 to WJCW AM, Gray, for advertisement; $650 to Elixir Media Group, Kingsport, for production; and $409 to Able Printers, Kingsport, for printing.

Voters will pick either Godsey or Venable to be county mayor for the next four years in the May 6 Republican party primary, for which early voting ends today.

The county general election ballot is not until August, but the race for Sullivan county mayor will be decided in the Republican party primary because no one is running as a Democrat or Independent.

Godsey has been mayor since 2006.

Venable, who was county mayor from 2002 to 2006, has spent the past eight years heading up NETWORKS — Sullivan Partnership.

Other races included in the primaries include the bulk of offices in Sullivan County government, such as sheriff, highway commissioner, county trustee, register of deeds, county clerk, circuit court clerk, county attorney, property assessor, and — at least on the GOP side of the ticket — all 24 seats on the Sullivan County Commission.

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