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Hawkins County Commission District 3: Eight Republicans in primary seek three seats

April 30th, 2014 4:59 pm by Jeff Bobo

Hawkins County Commission District 3: Eight Republicans in primary seek three seats

There are eight candidates running for the Republican nomination in the Hawkins County Commission District 3 primary on May 6.

Those candidates include incumbents Danny Alvis and Stacy Vaughan, and challengers Kenneth Housewright, John W. Housewright, John "Buddy" Martin, Greg Fletcher, Jimmy Couch and Cathy Carter-Lawson.

The top-3 Republican vote getters will face Independent Benny Boggs and Democrat Michael Lynn Shanks in the Aug. 7 general election competing for the district's three seats.

Each candidate was asked the same five questions: 1. Why did you decide to run for this office, and if you are an incumbent, why are you seeking reelection. 2. What is your employment and educational background, and does your past job and education help prepare your for the duties of the elected office you seek. If yes, how? 3. If elected, what would be your top goals and priorities for the full term of your office? 4. Why are you the best candidate for your office? 5. Talk to the voters and tell them why you deserve their vote. 

Those who replied to the questionnaire have their answers posted below the video in alphabetical order. The video is from the March 25 Hawkins County GOP candidate forum in Surgoinsville.

Danny Alvis:

I have been honored to serve as Commissioner in district three of Hawkins County for 12 years. I hope I have the opportunity to continue to help the citizens in my district because there are still many things that I would like to see completed. Number one would be to get a clean source of drinking water, not only around Carter's Valley landfill, but to all of district three. I have had the opportunity to meet so many people in my years as Commissioner and I take all my concerns and inputs of the citizens of Hawkins County seriously and work hard to get issues resolved. I have attended Surgoinsville High School and have taken several classes and seminars relating to local and state wide, but also on the Nashville level.

I have learned so much associating with state representatives and local committees. I have been elected chairman by my peers to serve on the road committee under two different administrations. I am currently on the Hawkins County beer board, and currently serving on the education committee, also on the park committee.

My top goals would be to keep taxes at current level and making certain your tax dollars are spent wisely. Most of all I will listen to the concerns of ALL the citizens of Hawkins County and do everything in my power to address the issues of the citizens. Also, I would like to expand the radius of clean drinking water to all of district three.

My experience as a Commissioner in district three for the past 12 years makes me the best candidate for this position as I have the experience in working closely with the voting taxpayers. I would be honored to have the vote of not only previous voters, but of all voters in my district and promise to the best of my ability to fulfill all concerns of the citizens and work with all issues they are having related to county, government, and any issues they present to me.

I am a founding member of the Stanley Valley Fire Dept. and served as chief under my administration, we added one station and upgraded our equipment and building; also got the Stanley Valley Fire Dept. certified as a fire dept. with an ISO rating which lowered the home owners coverage within a radius of the fire dept. Also added a bay and an addition which now can occupy four trucks serving the community, also working on getting fire hydrants. I enjoy volunteering with the HCHS and working with them on rescues whenever a call comes in. There has been three major rescues in the last year and a half; these rescues can take many hours to complete and getting the animals to safety in the main goal, even under the most deplorable conditions. I want to thank each and every one of you in advance who has supported me in the past and would be honored for the opportunity to continue being Commissioner for all voters of district three.

Stacy Vaughan:

I am currently seeking re-election to the Hawkins County Commission representing District 3. I am seeking re-election to help maintain team work and cooperation within our county government, to maintain and continue to grow our fund balance (this will help to offset the possibility of a tax increase), to continue to work with and support our industrial development board to help recruit new businesses and industries to our area.

A large portion of the county's general budget is assigned to the school system which is then governed by the school the board. The school board presents the county commission a budget each year for approval. I will continue to support our school system and help see that our children's educational needs are met.

There are several projects going on through-out the county that Iam currently involved with. I would like to continue working with these projects. Some of these projects include: ( 1 ) working with CTAS to determine the feasibility of having a county wide fire department ( 2 ) completing projects at the Hawkins County airport in the amount of approximately $900,000. This money was obtained through federal and state funding at a minimal cost to the county. The funds will be used to ensure the airport stays within FAA guidelines.

We are in the process of purchasing property to bring our safety zones into compliance as well as fixing a line of sight problem with the runway and doing a complete runway overlay. We are also in the process of putting in a credit card fueling system at the airport which will help bring revenue back to the airport. These projects would not be possible to complete without the funds obtained through grant assistance. The funds Hawkins County uses to operate the airport annually is around $25,000. (3) I currently serve as chairman of the Hawkins County agriculture extension committee. Due to the passing of our agriculture agent we will be hiring another individual for this position sometime this year. We were also approved by the State for another agriculture agent which will have split duties within the office.

This position will also be filled this year. These are only a few projects within our county that I am currently working with and would like to follow through to completion.

I currently serve on the following committees: Budget Committee (vice-Chairman), Public Safety Committee (Chairman 2002-2006, Vice Chairman 2010-present) , Airport Committee (Chairman), Insurance Committee, Delinquent Tax Committee, Agriculture Extension Committee (Chairman) , Member of Hawkins County's local emergency planning commission, Member of Hawkins County's Fireman's Association as well as a member of the Tennessee Fire Chief's Association.

For the past four years I have served on Hawkins County's budget committee. I have gained invaluable knowledge of the budget process, bonds, county revenues, and how to manage a fund balance.

For the past four years the budget committee, county mayors office, and county commission has been able to work together to prepare and pass a balanced budget without a tax increase. I have over 1,000 hours of specialized training in public safety, leadership and management, law enforcement, and grant writing.

I was raised and still live in the Stanley Valley area where I operate a beef cattle and tobacco farm.

I currently serve the community as their local Fire Chief as well as being their county commissioner. During my administration as the Stanley Valley Fire Chief, myself along with the board of directors and membership were able to secure over $250.000 in grant funding for the purchase of a new fire engine.

Priorities if re-elected: several years ago I was involved in the process that brought potable water to several residents in district 3. The funding for this project was obtained through grants. I would like to pursue extending further water lines to the area around the BFI landfill. By bringing potable water to this location will greatly benefit the residents as well as Hawkins County. my goal is to follow through with on-going projects such as the salary scale study, county employee insurance revisions, airport projects, and Hawkins County school projects. I would like to see the law enforcement, and other public safety communications upgraded county wide for the safety of our first responders. I will work hard to protect the county's fund balance to help alleviate the possibility of a tax burden.

If re-elected I will continue to be a "team player", I will continue to be goal oriented. I will strive hard to promote cooperation and professionalism between the county commission and our elected office holders. I feel I have the experience, dedication, and willingness to serve as a strong voice for the citizens of district 3 and Hawkins County.

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