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Hawkins Co. Commission District 1: Four Republicans seek three seats

April 30th, 2014 4:37 pm by Jeff Bobo

Hawkins Co. Commission District 1: Four Republicans seek three seats

There are four Republicans seeking the three District 1 Hawkins County Commission seats in the May 6 primary including incumbents Syble Vaughan-Trent, Eugene Christian and Dwight Carter, and challenger Chris Jones.

There are no Democrats running, so that race will be decided in the primary.  District 1 covers Mount Carmel and the Hawkins County portion of Kingsport. 

Each candidate was asked the same five questions: 1. Why did you decide to run for this office, and if you are an incumbent, why are you seeking reelection. 2. What is your employment and educational background, and does your past job and education help prepare your for the duties of the elected office you seek. If yes, how? 3. If elected, what would be your top goals and priorities for the full term of your office? 4. Why are you the best candidate for your office? 5. Talk to the voters and tell them why you deserve their vote.

Their responses are posted beneath the video in alphabetical order. The video is from the March 25 Hawkins County GOP candidate forum in Surgoinsville.

Dwight Carter:

I am running for officer due to a desire to serve and represent the people of the First District of Hawkins County.

I am employed at Eastman Chemical as an operator and Manager, I have a BBA in Management from ETSU, and I'm a Certified Public Administrator (CPA) from UT-CTAS.

My Education, work experience and CPA training helps me understand the challenges facing Hawkins County and gives me the opportunity to work with other commissioners to make the best choices possible for our County.

Top goals and priorities: Support Public Safety and Education by managing our resources efficiently.

I have the training, education, work experience and the desire to provide leadership to help Hawkins County move forward in the next four years.

The people of the the First District know my record as a current commissioner and I will continue to serve and do my best to represent and help the people of Hawkins County.

Eugene Christian:

I was appointed to fill the vacancy in District 1 in May 2013, I asked for this position to have a say in the budget and how our tax money is spend. As a member of the budget committee for 2013 & 2014, our budget met the County financial obligations with some money from the Reserve fund and with no tax increase. I wish to continue for the next four years with goals that will balance the budget, increase our fund balance with no tax increases.

I have been a department manager, Training specialist, Training Manager and Store Manager. I was responsible for meeting budgets and getting financial results. I have a High school diploma, college courses in business, finance and leadership. I have completed elected officials academy level one and two with the University of Tennessee U.T. municipal technical advisory service. I have numerous outstanding performance awards from my employer for achieving excellence in leadership, management and financial goals.

My top goals and priorities: (1) Work to have a budget that meets the County financial obligations and that does not increase our tax rate. (2) Work to increase our fund balance. (3) To work with the full commission for the entire county.

With my experience with budgets, leadership and finance. I can be present at all commission meeting and all committee meetings. I have attended all commission meetings and all committees meetings since being appointed. I am presently on six committees.

I am a property owner and a tax payer. I have lived on a budget and have done quite well. I am retired so I am able to attend all commission and committees meetings. These meetings are at different times and days of the week. Each committee has only one commissioner from each district and if your commissioner isn't present your district has no vote. I will do my very best to represent district one and the citizens of Hawkins County. Thank you for your consideration and your vote.

Chris Jones:

I have worked in the government sector since I was the age of 18. I have always taken an interest in government and how it effects the people. I enjoy working with the people in Hawkins County, whether it is in Kingsport, Mount Carmel or Rogersville. It is important that all persons have a voice on the county commission. I have done this previously as a former county commissioner, and I wish to serve the citizens of Hawkins County by being there voice.

I have previously served as county commissioner from 2006 to 2010. During that period, I worked on maintaining the current services and improving on others. I spoke up for the Senior Citizens when their budget was slashed, as well as the Scouts, Food Banks, and other organizations. I assisted in getting van services for our veterans so they would have transportation to the VA, as well as speaking for the citizens with their complaints. I am a graduate of Dobyns Bennett H.S., class of 89, as well as specific studies in leadership through Walters State, and the University of Tennessee.

Goals and priorities: To maintain the services, as well as improving on current service, being an effective leader and speaking of for the people of Hawkins County while maintaining a reasonable budget with the little funds the county receives. It is important to continue making progress in economic development and services for the county so not only the county prosper economically, but its citizens can find the much needed employment right here in Hawkins County.

Through my experience, I understand what it means to look at a budget and make a decision and look at not only how it effects the county, but how it effects the people who pay taxes in Hawkins County. It is important that decisions be based on the economic effects, as well as the services, and the long term effect of each decision that is made. I have experience in developing both short term and long term plans and looking at how each decision effects the long term goals.

I have proven to the citizens that I represent all the citizens of Hawkins County. Many citizens have came to me for help and I have had the honor of representing their voice and concerns to the entire commission. If I did not know the answer, I got them the answer, If they had a concern, I had a concern, I only served to represent the citizens, deserve their vote, never, want their vote, I would be Honored to represent the citizens once again. I would appreciate their vote, support, and would work to represent all citizens, young or old, and can only say that I will work hard to do the best job I possibly can.

I thank them in advance for their vote.

Syble Vaughan-Trent:

I chose to run for Commissioner because of wasteful spending and decision-making practices. As an incumbent, I am seeking reelection to represent the First District in a professional and prudent manner.

I am retired from Eastman Chemical Company and Delta Airlines and am currently employed by the Kingsport City School System. Having obtained Business degrees from East Tennessee State University and Tusculum College. I have also completed the Local Government Leadership Program and Certified County Administrator Programs, University of Tennessee.

My top priority is to serve the citizens of Hawkins County with personal leadership, public sector services, lean practices, and ethics.

I feel I am the best candidate due to my business experience and educational/professional background. During my tenure as Commissioner I have continued to update my skills with continuing education and have served as a member of most county committees, thereby enhancing my awareness of all functions of county government.

I have committed myself to help elected and appointed officials better serve the citizens of Hawkins County by staying well-informed of current trends affecting our county. I humbly ask the voters of the First District for their vote and support. Ultimately the "voters" decide if I deserve their vote. I believe I do.

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