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Man allegedly shoots neighbor's cat, then throws it back

April 24th, 2014 2:43 pm by Rain Smith

Man allegedly shoots neighbor's cat, then throws it back

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

April 21

Police were dispatched to a downtown restaurant, where employees stated an intoxicated man had created a disturbance while picking up an order to go. They were concerned because soon after departing he called the restaurant, stating he was coming back to "get his order fixed." Police soon observed the man return, with an interview revealing he was "about to fall asleep" and under the influence. He was arrested for public intoxication and deemed, "a danger to himself as well as the public."

April 22

Dispatch was alerted to an allegedly drunk man, "driving a golf cart around."

April 24

Guests of a West Stone Drive motel got into a physical altercation, fueled by accusations of stolen money. During the incident in the room the combatants' respective "dogs began to fight" -- which in turn made one of the supects even, "more violent." That man was arrested for assault, based on injuries police observed on the alleged victim. The suspect also reportedly suffered scratches on his arms, but they were determined to have been caused by, "a cat in the room."

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

April 22

A woman reported being assaulted by another female, who allegedly accused the victim, "of telling people she was wearing a wire."

Officers responded to an argument over money between a Surgoinsville woman and her son. Each claimed to have been assaulted by the other, but police took no action due to conflicting statements. As the man gathered his possessions to leave the residence, he and his mother began to argue "over a clock." When he picked it up, and started to slam it on the floor, a deputy at the scene told him not to break it — but he proceeded to thow it, "across the living room into the kitchen, in the direction his mother had walked away." He was then handcuffed and arrested for domestic vandalism.

April 23

A Rogersville woman told police she had been a assaulted by her neighbor, who became angry when asked to repay borrowed money. The suspect allegedly kicked the victim in the knee and knocked her down, then used her cane to deliver blows to the body.

Sullivan County Sheriff's office

April 21

A Bristol woman called police on her juvenile neighbors, claiming they had hit her own child, "across the back with a 2X4."

Police were asked to check a Bristol property, after the owner spotted, "a muddy hand print on her car."

Dispatchers received a call claiming that "two people are fussing" at a residence in Blountville. The complainant provided no further information — saying "that's all you need to know" — and disconnected the call.

Suspicious people were reportedly walking down a Kingsport road, arguing with one another. A caller said the man wore a back pack, the woman, "is carrying a case of beer."

April 22

A Bluff City woman called police to report that her cat had accidentally been let out of her home, at which point a neighbor shot it in the head, "in front of her children." The shooter admitted to killing the animal, due to it "stalking his brother's chickens." He said that when she asked for the cat back he handed it to her over the fence. She claimed that he, "threw it at her." An officer advised the woman that livestock owners have the right to defend their animals, adding that she could pursue private prosecution if she wished to do so.

April 23

A Kingsport resident hid her medication in a closet, due to the impending visitation of a family member who's known to steal. After the guest had departed the resident checked her hiding spot, finding pills and cash were missing.

Police were dispatched to a Piney Flats apartment, where a responding deputy overheard an occupant state, "I will (expletive) kill you if you don't shut up!" A woman found crying at the back door said she and her husband had been, "fighting all night over a Facebook comment" — adding that she was in fear of her life. The male suspect assured officers that the fight was now over, and didn't recall threatening his wife's life. He was arrested for assault.

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