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Kingsport man charged with burglary, aggravated assault

April 23rd, 2014 12:24 am by Rain Smith

Kingsport man charged with burglary, aggravated  assault


KINGSPORT — An altercation involving several Kingsport neighbors prompted multiple charges after a man allegedly armed himself with a steak knife and threatened to kill a woman, then kicked in her apartment door when she retreated inside.

At approximately 8:20 Monday night, police responded to the incident at 1725 Jefferson Ave. According to a Kingsport Police Department incident report, multiple witnesses to the incident said Bernard L. Johnson, 26, of Apt. 4, had threatened to kill a female neighbor while on a back deck of the complex.

According to the report, Johnson was armed with a steak knife while issuing the threats and moved toward the woman while making "a cutting motion with his hand."

The woman retreated into her residence, but Johnson — still wielding the knife — allegedly kicked in her apartment door. Police said three people were inside the unit when entry was made by Johnson, who then turned around and kicked a fire pit. He is alleged to have then run from the victim's home back toward the front of the apartments.

Believing Johnson had left the area, an occupant of the apartment reportedly went to a vehicle and attempted to leave. While driving away, Johnson allegedly charged that individual's vehicle, banging on it with his fists.

Johnson was arrested at the scene, charged with aggravated assault and burglary and transported to the city jail. Police were unable to immediately locate the individual who drove from the scene, but statements were collected from at least three additional witnesses.

An arrest report listed no motive for Johnson's alleged actions.

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