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Woman pushes mom off porch to steal a beer

April 21st, 2014 4:08 pm by Rain Smith

Woman pushes mom off porch to steal a beer

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

April 17

A group of female "friends" met at a Center Street car wash to "talk out" an issue they've experienced. During the discussion, one woman allegedly attempted to attack another, then threw the head of a hammer through the back windshield of her acquaintance's car. When interviewed, the suspect admitted to the vandalism, was arrested and booked into the city jail.

A man was arrested on a warrant for three counts of aggravated assault. The incident occurred three days prior at a gas station on East Stone Drive, where he allegedly approached a man pumping fuel and challenged him to fight. The gas pumper ran away — leaving a woman and two children inside the vehicle — and the suspect removed the fuel nozzle to spray the vehicle with gasoline. At the time of his arrest for that incident he was also charged with forging a check on March 3.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

April 17

A Bulls Gap woman placed an online ad looking for a rototiller, with a man responding and agreeing to bring the equipment to her home. When she returned at the agreed upon time she found the man, a woman and two young children were waiting on her, with the tiller in the back of a truck. But she first had to unload groceries she had bought. When she had finished taking the items inside the individuals were gone, as was a purse she had left inside her vehicle.

April 18

A Mooresburg woman claimed two unknown men pushed her down to steal a fanny pack strapped to her waist. She was unable to provide any additional information on the alleged incident.

Police responded to a dispute between Surgoinsville neighbors, centering around a basketball game in the street. One man was playing with his children when another came out and removed cinder blocks that were holding the goal in place, angry because they were on his mother's property. He then allegedly threw the blocks "towards" the juveniles. No police action was taken, with a report noting placement of the goal has, "been an ongoing situation for a year."

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

April 17

Dispatch alerted the Tennessee Highway Patrol to a man "walking out in traffic" near mile marker 68 of I-81.

Someone called 911 about a man in their Bluff City driveway, saying he was yelling and carrying a cane. A few minutes later the caller advised it was OK, the individual was apparently "chasing a cow" that had gotten loose.

April 18

A Kingsport woman reported problems with juvenile neighbors, who were allegedly, "throwing sand on her house while she is not at home."

Campaign signs were reported stolen from Muddy Creek Road.

A dispatch caller heard several shots fired near a camp fire on Reedy Creek Road, along with "evil music" being played.

April 20

Police responded to a Piney Flats residence, after a man allegedly choked his girlfriend and tackled her father to the ground. The victims reported he became enraged after announcing he was going fishing, at which point they told him he wasn't allowed on the property he was heading to. He fled prior to police arrival.

An intoxicated 911 caller said people were driving by his home and threatening him. If they continued, he warned, then he'd "throw some lead their way."

A Bristol resident, 64, called police on her daughter who lives next door. She said she was sitting on the porch when the 47-year-old woman came over and entered her home, stating she needed, "something out of the refrigerator." After an extended period of time the resident entered, finding her daughter with, "a beer hidden around her side." The resident tried to take the beer away — due to her daughter being on medication which shouldn't be mixed with alcohol — but a struggle ensued. The altercation spilled outside, with the daughter eventually pushing her mother off the porch. Police say the victim landed on her side and suffered bruising, while the suspect displayed a cut to her finger from the broken beer bottle. She also admitted to taking the alcohol without permission, along with the subsequent fight, prompting her arrest for assault.

A woman called police over a verbal dispute at a Bristol home. One of the individuals involved had allegedly, "hit her with a crutch two days ago in the crotch."

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