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Bluff City bath salts suspect charged with child abuse

April 21st, 2014 2:23 pm by Rain Smith

Bluff City bath salts suspect charged with child abuse

The alleged hysterics of a bath salts user during a Sullivan County fishing trip — including holding a juvenile in the woods for hours under the direction of "Jesus" and removing his own pants at a convenience store to stab non-existent mice and spiders — have prompted charges of child abuse and neglect.

Timothy Greenwood, 43, address provided as 626 Morrell Creek Lane, Bluff City, was arrested early Friday morning by the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office. An incident report states a deputy was called to a disturbance at a home off Hickory Tree Road, finding Greenwood running through a yard in only his shirt and underwear. He was also reportedly "screaming there were bears everywhere."

Greenwood was immediately taken into custody, and police began conducting interviews. They learned that Greenwood had taken a juvenile fishing the previous day but began acting strange toward the end of the outing.

Greenwood allegedly drove recklessly while returning the juvenile, making comments about bears behind his vehicle. At a store in Hickory Tree, Greenwood reportedly entered a restroom and removed his pants, stabbing them with a knife because he believed spiders and mice were inside.

After returning to his vehicle, according to police, Greenwood made the juvenile hold the pants out the window as they drove down the road. He then allegedly transported the juvenile to a wooded area.

According to statements in a police report, Greenwood demanded the juvenile remain quiet — "because of the bears" — and kept the juvenile in the woods for approximately three hours. He also allegedly stated "God and Jesus was telling him to do things."

While driving from the woods and to a residential area off Hickory Tree Road, the juvenile reportedly jumped from Greenwood's car and sought help. A police report states that before officers arrived on scene, a neighbor had spotted Greenwood "driving back and forth" in their driveway while honking his horn.

SCSO records state Greenwood was suspected of being under the influence of bath salts, while cut-up jeans located inside his car contained a used syringe.

Greenwood was transported to Bristol Regional Medical Center for treatment, then booked into the Sullivan County Jail in Blountville. Police also made a referral on the incident to the Department of Children's Services.

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