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Pregnant woman allegedly assaults 7 SCSO officers

April 17th, 2014 12:10 pm by Rain Smith

Pregnant woman allegedly assaults 7 SCSO officers

Amanda Cochran

KINGSPORT — A reportedly pregnant Kingsport woman faces multiple charges after allegedly fleeing police and assaulting seven officers, spurring a referral to the Department of Children's Services.

An arrest report states the suspect also buckled a police cruiser door with multiple kicks from the inside, and repeatedly banged her head against the vehicle. Before the incident was done, she was pepper-sprayed twice in the face, with officers noting concerns for her unborn child hamstrung their efforts to get her under control.

Amanda Cochran, 20, 417 Chadwell Drive, was charged with disorderly conduct, vandalism, resisting arrest and assault.

The incident began Wednesday at 6 a.m. after Cochran called police for assistance in picking up a vehicle, records at the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office show.

After learning the car was registered to both Cochran and her estranged husband, officers advised Cochran that possession is a civil issue, which must to be pursued through court. Shortly thereafter, dispatch was contacted by the man who shares ownership, who claimed Cochran was outside his residence and "banging on the window."

When officers visited the home on Brookside Drive, Cochran had already departed. But while the complainant was being interviewed, Cochran called 911, stating she was en route to the residence to retrieve a state-issued child support debit card.

Cochran arrived accompanied by both her toddler and her mother, and police said she "immediately became confrontational with officers." After being warned to leave or risk facing trespassing charges, Cochran allegedly grabbed the child support card from an officer's hand and began screaming and cursing.

She then reportedly ran down the street to get away from police, yelling back that she was pregnant. An incident report stated the claim and concern for the unborn child prompted police to stop giving chase.

After running "several blocks," Cochran reportedly turned around and walked back to the van of her mother, who confirmed to police that her daughter was pregnant. While returning to the scene Cochran removed her jacket and allegedly "squared up as if she was going to fight."

When officers approached Cochran, she yelled, "Don't touch me," then jumped into the passenger side of the van. Multiple attempts to remove her from the vehicle — which was occupied at the time by her toddler son — proved unsuccessful because police were limited in what tactics to employ.

Deputies reportedly were kicked multiple times while attempting to gain custody of Cochran. Once removed from the van, she allegedly proceeded to bang her head against its exterior.

The police said that when they tried to prevent Cochran from harming herself, she turned on officers again, kicking deputies in the lower torso and stomach areas. Eventually placed in the back of a patrol cruiser, Cochran allegedly proceeded to kick the doors and thrust her head against the cage, prompting officers to administer a burst of pepper spray.

When she still refused to calm down, a second burst was deployed. An incident report says that while the cruiser door was open she attempted to claw her way out, grabbing the bars of the window and refusing to let go. This forced additional officers to enter the patrol car from the other side, pulling her back inside by her feet.

Once shut inside she allegedly began violent strikes with both feet, "causing the door to bow with each kick." Cochran's resistance ignited anew after transport to jail, according to police, with her kicking, hitting and attempting to bite multiple patrol and corrections officers. Police report she was ultimately placed in a restraint chair "to keep her from harming herself and her unborn child."

Arrest records list eight victims in the incident: seven SCSO officers as well as society in general for her disorderly conduct.

"It wouldn't have taken so long and other means to gain compliance could have been used, but due to fact she was pregnant officers were limited," SCSO Public Information Officer Leslie Earhart said.

As of Thursday morning, Cochran remained held in the Sullivan County Justice Center in Blountville on $7,500 bond.

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