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Share your Easter photos

April 17th, 2014 11:00 am by Sunday Scrapbook

Share your Easter photos

About 30 children and young adults paired up with members of the senior center to help senior citizens to find eggs and other prizes. Photo by David Grace.

As we head into Easter weekend, readers are invited to share their favorite Easter photos for our Community Scrapbook.

Readers are invited to share photos featuring everything from coloring and hunting eggs to visits with the Easter bunny. You can share photos of everyone decked out in their Easter outfits, the kids tearing into their Easter baskets and the whole family gathered together around a good meal.

We'd also love to see photos that illustrate the true meaning of the season, so feel free to share photos of church activities like Easter dramas, passion plays and sunrise services.

Whatever you're doing this Easter, take time to share those memories with friends and neighbors through our Community Scrapbook. It only takes a few minutes to email a picture - and the memories last a lifetime.

Stories are also welcome, so share those too. Photos should be sent in jpg format, and should be approximately 5 x 7 in size, resolution 200 dots per inch, or a total file size not less than 1 megabyte. Be sure to send the photos as attachments to an email, and not as a link to any outside site. The word count for stories should not exceed 300 words.

Email your contributions (along with your name and address) to: Or share them at

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