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Cash allegedly stolen as woman plays possum with guest

April 14th, 2014 4:33 pm by Rain Smith

Cash allegedly stolen as woman plays possum with guest

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

April 7

At approximately 9 p.m. an officer spotted a woman by her mailbox in a bathing suit. The deputy asked what she was doing — due to it "being cold outside" — and she said she was "trying on bathing suits" in the backyard. Police later spoke with her neighbor, learning that they have surveillance footage of the woman trespassing on their property. The film allegedly reveals her "pull her breasts out of her shirt and play with them," along with bending over to, "shake her butt at the camera."

April 9

A woman told police she had "tried everything," but just can't make her 12-year-old go to school.

Police were alerted to the theft of a cactus from a Bristol residence. The victim stated that when you, "cut the cactus open you can drink the water, and it makes you drunk."

Dispatch was advised that a drunk man was trying to cut a tree limb with a hand saw, but then gave up and "stumbled back to his house."

April 11

A man in Sullivan Gardens contacted police, fearing his girlfriend had called her brother and father to come beat him up.

April 12

Police responded to a flea market where women were "arguing over a table."

A woman told dispatch that her ex-boyfriend is distributing "dirty pictures/video" that he had made of her, without her consent.

April 13

While responding to a disturbance at a Piney Flats home, an officer located 17 marijuana plants, "in two trays on the roof of the downtown stoop." A man at the residence was taken into custody on outstanding warrants, with an investigation into the alleged drug discovery continuing.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

April 10

A man reported a "very large beaver" at the side of a road in Appalachia. He wasn't for sure if it was alive, injured or dead, but believed it could create a traffic hazard. When an officer responded the complainant stated the animal was dead and no longer in the roadway, adding it was, "the size of a Labrador Retriever."

Kingsport Police Department

April 11

A woman claimed that two people entered her home, pushed her down and stole her purse. She said the incident stemmed from one suspect believing she owed him $37.

While conducting a traffic stop on East Stone Drive, an officer's car was "barely missed" by another vehicle that failed to move over while passing by. A subsequent stop found that driver was intoxicated, prompting his arrest for DUI.

April 12

Police were alerted to a man and woman allegedly going door to door, attempting to sell "drugs and a food stamp card."

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

April 8

Two brothers reportedly began fighting over property at their deceased mother's home, with one chasing the other down the driveway with a chainsaw. When the other man put his brother in a headlock, his thumb was bitten. Neither wished to pursue charges, with both agreeing to "stay away from each other."

April 10

Police were dispatched to a dispute at a Rogersville home, where a man claimed his wife is on medication and "acting strange." Her actions allegedly included waiving a gun his direction. She said the argument was sparked by him calling her lazy, but both individuals were "not very cooperative" with the officer. No injuries were reported or observed, no charges were filed.

April 11

A Surgoinsville woman told police she had invited a man to her home, but then, "decided she didn't want him there....pretended to fall asleep so he would leave." After he departed she found the contents of her purse scattered across the bathroom, with more than $100 missing. She said that she contacted him about the theft, with him denying any involvement.

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