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Rogersville BOE approves incentive pay for teachers

April 11th, 2014 9:15 pm by Jeff Bobo

Rogersville BOE approves incentive pay for teachers

ROGERSVILLE — Rogersville City School's new goal is to make the maximum payout in the new state-mandated teacher incentive bonus program.

On Tuesday, the RCS Board of Education approved the new differentiated pay plan which adds a performance element to teachers' salary scale based on the "overall effectiveness scores" they will receive at the end of each school year beginning in 2014-15.

Teachers will be scored at five levels, with Level 5 being highest.

Beginning at the end of 2014-15, RCS teachers who receive an overall effectiveness score at Level 5 will receive a $500 bonus; Level 4 scores earn teachers $400; Level three scores earn $300; and scores in the Level 2 and Level 1 range don't result in a bonus.

RCS' maximum payout based on the current number of certified teachers would be $24,000.

School Director Rebecca Isaacs told the BOE Tuesday she was hoping there would be some state funding accompanying this state-mandated program, but it has apparently been cut from the governor's budget.

"I do recommend approval of this plan," Isaacs said. "This is actually a mandate by the state. In accordance with the new laws, our pay scale can't just be based on years of experience and degrees. It has to have a performance element."

The plan was approved unanimously by the RCS BOE.

RCS has already scored straight A's on the state report card for academic performance seven years in a row, and this past year scored straight A's in the value added category as well, which measures academic growth.

"I hope we get to spend $24,000," said board member Dr. Scott Trent.

In other business Tuesday, the BOE:

  • Heard a report from Isaacs that three kindergarten classes, four first-grade classes, and a third-grade class have been selected to lead the nation in the Pledge of Allegiance on ABC's "Good Morning America" program.
  • The RCS classes have already been recorded doing the pledge and will be broadcast sometime this summer starting June 1.
  • Heard a report from Isaacs that on April 17 RCS will participate in the "Caps for Kids Day" fundraiser. Caps for Kids is an organization dedicated to providing celebrity autographed caps to children who have lost their hair as a result of medical treatment for cancer or other illnesses.
  • Heard a report from Isaacs that spring testing begins this coming week, followed by TCAP testing which begins April 29.
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