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Tip on contraband drop-off leads to multiple charges

April 11th, 2014 1:05 pm by Nick Shepherd

Tip on contraband drop-off leads to multiple charges


BLOUNTVILLE — Information about a contraband drop-off at the Sullivan County jail led to a woman being arrested on multiple charges, according to a press release.

Sandra Light, 50, Kingsport Highway, Gray, was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation, two counts of simple possession of Schedule IV drugs, possession of Schedule III drugs and possession of Schedule IV drugs for resale.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office received information April 10 that an individual driving a black Ford would attempt to drop off some type of contraband at the Sullivan County Jail Extension, the release stated. The drop-off was supposed to take place near a dumpster just outside the jail.

Detectives started to monitor the area and at about 2:30 p.m., a black Ford was observed driving through the parking lot. After driving through the lot three times, the vehicle came to a stop in front of the dumpsters, at which point detectives approached the vehicle.

The female passenger inside handed officers identification that identified her as Linda Scalf. When detectives asked the woman what she had dropped off, she allegedly told them it was smoking tobacco, the release stated. Next to the dumpster, detectives found a white bag with tobacco inside wrapped up in electrical tape.

While speaking to the driver of the vehicle, who was not charged, detectives learned the ID the passenger had given them was not hers. When she was questioned, the woman admitted her name was Sandra Light.

"If she had been honest, she wouldn't have been charged because having tobacco, unless you're in prison, is not a crime," said Leslie Earhart, public information officer for SCSO. "As a result of her lying, she was charged with criminal impersonation."

She was arrested and transported to the Sullivan County jail. When taking inventory of her purse, detectives allegedly located three different dosages of Alprazolam, which resulted in the possession charges. Light was also discovered to have outstanding warrants for failure to appear, DUI and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

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