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Pelvis 'thrusting' cited in assault on drinking buddies

April 11th, 2014 9:56 am by Rain Smith

Pelvis 'thrusting' cited in assault on drinking buddies

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

April 8

A wooden sled stenciled with "Silent Night" and three additional yard decorations were stolen from a Kingsport lawn. The victim estimated their total value at $115.

A city woman contacted police about phone harassment from her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. Police contacted the suspect by phone, explaining that she needed to cease her actions or charges could be placed. She then stated that her ex-boyfriend has active warrants, which was confirmed to be true and prompted his arrest. While taking the man into custody his phone rang, with his ex-girlfriend who had just been warned by police placing the call. After being warned a second time she soon placed another call to her ex's phone, leaving a message that she, "wasn't trying to get him in trouble." Police then visited the woman's residence, arresting her for telephone harassment.

An employee of a downtown business reported a man and woman had arrived to have tires placed on their vehicle. Shortly thereafter, a car containing three women pulled in, with one of them attacking the female customer. All involved parties then left the area. An officer who responded to take a report on the incident observed a broken bottle and "hair on the ground."

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

April 3

A Bulls Gap man was allegedly "pulled out of bed" by an acquaintance, then choked and punched in the face. The suspect claimed the victim was responsible for his missing cell phone battery, adding that if he didn't steal it, "then the CIA came and took it." He was arrested for assault.

April 5

A Church Hill woman reported a man entered her house uninvited, then began harassing her, "with crude verbal requests of sexual acts."

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

April 5

Police responded to a possible assault at a Kingsport residence. In the driveway a deputy located a car with two female occupants, while a man standing beside the vehicle was, "trying to get them inside." Interviews with the three individuals revealed they were all intoxicated after drinking at a city bar, with a designated driver dropping them off at the residence. When one female "got sick" — and the other woman assisted her by "holding her hair" — the man allegedly started "calling them names" and "pointing his finger." He was also accused of "thrusting his pelvis" at one complainant, with the palm of his hand later "coming into contact" with her nose. Police observed no signs of injury, with the male suspect taking a cab to his Bloomingdale home. No charges were placed.

April 6

Police were alerted to a man at a Piney Flats residence, as he was allegedly overheard threatening to kill someone if they, "got him kicked out of the apartment." Police responded and located the suspect, discovering he had an active warrant out of North Carolina. He was


April 7

During a disturbance at a Blountville home, a man allegedly yelled at a woman for, "sleeping while he had car problems." She blamed her exhaustion on working a 14-hour shift, with both individuals denying a physical altercation had occurred. Police took no action.

A Kingsport woman reported she and her family were watching a movie in the living room with the lights out, at which point a man was spotted "looking through the window." While walking around the side of the home the suspect encountered a juvenile male resident, who attempted to grab him but was kicked in the stomach. The unknown man then ran away.

April 8

A volunteer fire department reported theft by a "former employee" who refuses to return a radio, pager and microphone. Efforts to the retrieve the items — valued at $3,600 — had allegedly been ongoing for "several months."

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