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Ex-principal fires back after being cut from finalists list in Hawkins

April 11th, 2014 12:31 am by Jeff Bobo

Ex-principal fires back after being cut from finalists list in Hawkins


ROGERSVILLE — Former Rogersville Middle School Principal Dr. William Royal fired back Thursday in response to his removal earlier this week from the list of Hawkins County director of schools finalists.

In a written statement, Royal told the Times-News Thursday that some members of the Hawkins County Board of Education are more interested in "tag lines" during their campaigning and tenure than providing students with the best education possible.

Royal states that education in Hawkins County is "very low" compared to other systems in the region, and the character of some present BOE members and director is "questionable."

"There was, initially, talk that the Board of Education wanted change in its future because of its recent checkered past activities," Royal said. "This news was encouraging but obviously only rumor. When the TSBA (Tennessee School Board Association) was chosen as the consultant for the selection process, one hoped that the selection and decision process would be less political."

Royal added, "When TSBA made its recommendations, however, this Board chose a different direction, which in many ways is not surprising considering its past performance in such matters, but all the same very disappointing. One need only reflect upon past articles regarding such items as the audit reviews and financial management."

Royal states that the BOE and Director of Schools Charlotte Britton aren't in a position to throw out allegations.

He claims that over the past eight years they have "squandered" more than $15 million; have been subjected to defending lawsuits; and are currently under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

As for the reasons listed for his demotion, Royal states that the allegation of cheating during state testing came from a teacher whom Royal reprimanded and subsequently dismissed according to policy and procedure.

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