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Alleged glue huffer's lawn care prompts Kingsport arrest

April 8th, 2014 9:58 am by Rain Smith

Alleged glue huffer's lawn care prompts Kingsport arrest

Jeffrey A. Carter, 45

KINGSPORT — A man who reportedly swiped his Kingsport neighbor's lawnmower to cut his grass — and initially avoided arrest when the neighbor declined to pursue charges — was taken into custody after allegedly stealing it again before police even left the neighborhood.

Jeffrey A. Carter, 45, of 1709 Washington Ave., is charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and public intoxication. He was booked into the city jail after Kingsport Police were called to his street on Sunday evening, with an arrest report adding that he appeared to be under the influence after huffing glue fumes.

According to a KPD incident report, Carter's neighbors stated he had been "tormenting the neighborhood." In the latest incident, Carter allegedly took the complainant's lawnmower without permission, using it to cut his grass.

When police first responded, the victim didn't wish to pursue charges against Carter. After the mower had been returned to the complainant, he reportedly told Carter "not to step foot" back on his property.

A KPD officer notes Carter — who is "known to sniff glue to get high" — emitted a strong odor of industrial adhesive. Police told Carter to return to his residence and stay inside, then went around the corner to fill out a report on the incident.

While doing so, the officer reportedly heard a mower's engine start. After a quick stroll back to Carter's residence, the officer found him again "mowing his lawn with his neighbor's lawnmower."

The victims reportedly watched Carter enter their closed garage and remove the mower, saying they were about to call police when the officer returned to the scene.

Carter was then handcuffed and arrested. The officer's report notes that  "the smell of glue engulfed my patrol car" as Carter was transported to jail. 

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