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Man charged a third time with crimes against female motorists

April 3rd, 2014 8:10 pm by Rain Smith

Man charged a third time with crimes against female motorists

William Lee Blakely

A Piney Flats man set to go to trial for allegedly exposing himself and harassing multiple female motorists has been arrested again, this time for a reportedly lewd and dangerous incident on Stone Drive.

William Lee Blakely, 31, of 1031 Allison Road, turned himself at the Kingsport Police Department on Thursday evening. A warrant filed March 24 charges him with six counts of criminal attempt to commit aggravated assault and reckless endangerment, with an affidavit adding that he made inappropriate gestures toward a woman and five juveniles.

Court records state that during the incident his vehicle carried a passenger, identified as a "small child."

Blakely — a former Mount Carmel alderman and vice mayor — was previously arrested twice in one week's time during February of 2013, accused of exposing his genitalia while driving recklessly. Following media coverage, KPD investigators said more than two dozen females throughout the region came forward with accusations against him.

Court records state his latest arrest stems from an incident on Feb. 16 of this year. At approximately 4 p.m., a woman was traveling East Stone Drive with five juvenile females in her vehicle, ranging in age from 7 to 16 years old.

According to the driver's statements to police, passengers told her to look at the pickup that was traveling beside them. The driver, who police say was later identified through photo lineups as Blakely, was allegedly waving to the girls.

The woman said she didn't recognize the man and continued driving. The girls soon began yelling at the adult to look again, with her then spotting Blakely "blowing kisses" in their direction.

The woman reportedly sped up in an a attempt to get away from Blakely's vehicle. She told police his actions were making her feel uncomfortable. But Blakely also allegedly accelerated, licking his lips while looking at her vehicle's occupants.
When the woman slowed, according to the affidavit, Blakely followed suit in his pickup. He then allegedly moved his tongue in an obscene manner.

When reporting the incident to police, the driver said Blakely's actions distracted her from the roadway and placed her in fear of wrecking, potentially injuring her vehicle's occupants.

She also noted that a "small child" was spotted as a passenger in his pickup.

After turning himself in to police on Thursday, Blakely was booked into the Kingsport city jail.

As of Thursday, Blakely had a motions hearing scheduled for April 24, related to his previous two arrests on multiple charges. They include indecent exposure and reckless endangerment, with a trial date set for July 14.

His initial arrest was prompted by allegations from a female motorist on Feb. 15 of 2013. She reported that Blakely "fondled himself" and made obscene gestures while they drove beside each other on Interstate 26. She later identified Blakely and his vehicle from photo lineups.

Blakely was arrested and charged with one count of indecent exposure. But according to KPD investigators, media coverage spurred a tidal wave of additional allegations against him.

Within five days, police had reportedly fielded accusations from 26 additional women, ranging in age from 20 to 60. 

Warrants were soon issued and served in two of the incidents, charging Blakely with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, and two counts each of reckless endangerment and criminal attempt to commit aggravated assault, both felony charges. He posted $40,000 bond and was released.

In one case, Blakely allegedly forced a female motorist out of her lane of travel on John B. Dennis Highway, then pulled in front of her and slammed his brakes. An affidavit states he exited his vehicle and walked along the emergency lane to the victim's car, pointed at her breasts and said, "Those are nice, why don't you show me some more of that?" 

When the woman sped away, Blakely reportedly gave chase, repeatedly swerving his vehicle in her direction. According to court records, Blakely arched his back to expose his genitalia, which he was fondling from behind the wheel of his vehicle.

Police reported the other incident that brought about charges occurred on Interstate 26. Blakely was accused of repeatedly swerving his pickup toward a female motorist and honking his horn, attempting to get her attention.

When she looked over, according to an affidavit, Blakely raised his shirt to expose his chest, then "motioned for the victim to do the same." He reportedly then pointed to his crotch and "made obscene gestures." Once again, the victim identified Blakely through photo lineups.

It was not immediately known what effect, if any, Blakely's Thursday arrest will have on those pending court cases.

Blakely was elected Mount Carmel alderman in 2008 and was later appointed vice mayor in 2010. Blakely resigned from the Mount Carmel BMA in June of 2011 after moving to Piney Flats.

Immediately following Blakely's initial arrest last year, Church Hill Police Chief Mark Johnson confirmed that Blakely was the subject of similar reports in his jurisdiction in 2010. Johnson said the alleged victim declined to move forward with prosecution due to embarrassment over the incident.

Last February, then Mount Carmel Police Chief Mike Campbell also confirmed that Blakely was the subject of at least two indecent exposure investigations in that jurisdiction around 2010. Campbell said the evidence in both cases was presented to the Hawkins County attorney general's office.

Assistant Attorney General Alex Pearson told the Times-News that he recalled the investigation, but no charges were placed.

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