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Two major drug roundups, a child burglary suspect and more this week in crime

March 29th, 2014 10:00 am by Staff Report

Two major drug roundups, a child burglary suspect and more this week in crime

The most viewed crime stories generated by the Times-News staff, for the week of March 21 through March 28.

1) Names of 'Shamrock Shakedown' drug suspects released

The indictments of over three dozen people were unsealed following their arrests this week in Scott County's "Shamrock Shakedown" drug roundup.

2) Sullivan man allegedly leads pursuits after threatening to kill family, cops

A Kingsport man allegedly in the midst of a sleepless, eight-day gravel binge faces multiple charges. He's accused of threatening to kill family members and cops with a shotgun, holding his wife against her will and fleeing police on two occasions.

3) Wise County drug roundup targets 50 suspects

Authorities launched a roundup of suspected drug offenders in Wise County on Wednesday, with one of those facing new drug charges not hard to find.

4) SCSO: Kingsport couple busted again for cooking meth

For the second time in 18 months, a Kingsport couple have been arrested for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine.

5) Police seeking man who held up Kingsport pharmacy

The suspect, an unidentified white male, reportedly entered the pharmacy and demanded narcotics. Authorities said the man claimed to have a gun, but didn't brandish it during the incident.

6) Video: Woman swipes wallets from Kingsport store employees

Police are searching for a woman who is believed to have entered the break room of a Kingsport Dollar General and stolen wallets from a pair of employees.

7) Man charged with stealing money from Kingsport restaurant's cash register

Police say they have arrested a man who asked for change inside a Mexican restaurant, then snatched cash from the register and fled the scene.

8) Police find meth shopping list, arrest two

Two men were arrested in Kingsport on Saturday after attempting to buy multiple packs of pseudoephedrine and having a shopping list containing the ingredients to allegedly manufacture methamphetamine, according to a police report.

9) KPD searches for man, child suspected in auto burglary

Police are searching for a man and a boy — estimated to be between 8 and 10 years old — who were filmed as they allegedly stole a stereo system from a vehicle on a Kingsport car lot.

10) More suspects arrested in Scott County drug cases

The Scott County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said the roundup was the second largest law enforcement has carried out in the county.

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