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Police: Sullivan County woman arrested after staging rape

March 28th, 2014 10:34 am by Rain Smith

Police: Sullivan County woman arrested after staging rape

Amanda Rowland, 36

A Kingsport woman's alleged attempt to win her ex-boyfriend back has landed her in jail, as police say she took extraordinary measures to stage being raped during a fabricated home invasion.

According to a police report at the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, her ex-boyfriend had received multiple texts from an unknown number, threatening that the attack was going to occur. On Wednesday night the man received a phone call, followed by breaking glass and a woman's scream on the other end of the line.

Police responded to the home of his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Rowland, 36, where she offered a story of being attacked and raped. Subsequent investigation reportedly revealed that she had actually sent the threatening messages to her ex-boyfriend, pretending to be the purported attacker, and lied about the invasion and struggle within her residence.

Rowland, of Poplar Grove Road, was arrested Thursday night, charged with felony false reporting and tampering with evidence. As of Friday morning, she was being held in the Sullivan County jail and awaiting arraignment.

A SCSO police report states Rowland's ex-boyfriend contacted police on Wednesday night. He then relayed the messages he had been receiving from a pair of separate, unknown phone numbers, with the sender allegedly stating they were going to rape Rowland.

According to police records, the ex-boyfriend said one of those numbers had just called his phone, with him then hearing glass shatter on the other end of the line. That was followed by a woman screaming, "What the (expletive)!"

When Sullivan County police responded to Rowland's residence, broken glass was observed on the kitchen floor and Rowland appeared "very upset." She claimed to have been in the shower when the curtain was ripped down and she was grabbed by an unknown man.

The alleged suspect dragged her to the kitchen, according to her statements in a police report, causing numerous items to fall off the shelves. Rowland said the man then pulled her into the living room and they fell onto the floor, at which point the attacker claimed he was at her home "to even the score."

Rowland allegedly told police that the man raped her and left the residence. She described him as a clean-shaven, white male wearing a dark colored sweatshirt.

Police observed no signs of forced entry into Rowland's residence. She told investigating officers that her kitchen door was open during the attack, adding that she keeps a key under the mat. She was transported to the hospital for examination.

Sullivan County detectives subsequently subpoenaed phone records for the numbers that had been contacting her ex-boyfriend. SCSO Public Information Officer Leslie Earhart says those records traced the calls back to Rowland, prompting her arrest.

"From what detectives were able to gather, it was all in an effort to get him back," said Earhart.

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