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Eric Myers' Man of the House - Mother Hearing For Dads

March 25th, 2014 4:39 pm by Eric Myers

Eric Myers' Man of the House - Mother Hearing For Dads

Whether you are a parent or not you have heard the phrase "mother hearing." It refers to the near super-human hearing of a mother. 

Mother hearing is that hearing that detects a child in need or perceives the movements of mischief occurring in an entirely different area of the home. They are able to hear it and act on it before damage is done. It is called mother hearing because mothers have made it famous and, as the name suggests, it is a gift that is out of the reach of any other segment of the population.....or is it?

I don't think grandparents can make a name for themselves in this regard since most grandparents struggle in the hearing department to some degree anyway. This is interesting in and of itself as they, of all groups of people, should have near bionic hearing given the devices available to them. 

Likewise there is no "babysitter hearing" as these are mostly young people anyway who, although they can hear nearly perfectly, their jobs are to engage and entertain the kids for a period of time so there is little if any opportunity for little hands and feet to wonder away unnoticed and create major issues.

Aunts or Uncles could possibly make a name for themselves but, if they have children of their own, their own "mother hearing" is already an asset and, if they have no children, they can still perform their childcare duties nearly flawlessly with the classic strategies of good ol' fashioned awareness and preparation. So how about dads?

I have great news dads - Dad Hearing exists too! I am proud to say I possess dad hearing and in every way it is as technically precise and as functionally useful as any mothers' is. But I will say this dads - there is no shortcutting the process to develop this skill. The good news dads (for those who would like to develop it) and for the moms who would like your spouse to develop more of it, is that it IS a skill and, therefore, by definition, it can be developed with time and practice.

But therein lies the rub as they say. It takes time and practice. By this I mean dads you have to put yourself into the situation of being the person who is responsible for tending to the needs of the kids. You have to be the parent listening for them, you have to be the one responding to them, and you have to be the one who gets up with them. Without this piece you will never develop dad hearing. 

For example, my dad hearing only began developing when I began being the at-home parent. Why? Because I was now the one tending to their needs all day, I was the one coming to their aid, I was the one getting up with them at night. When you begin doing more of these types of things you begin paying more attention to what is going on.

Dads, I recommend you take more of these types of responsibilities anyway and for several different reasons. First, it's just good practice within your house for you to be more actively engaged in what is going on with your kids. Second, you need to build your confidence that you can indeed handle what is going on (because you can). Third, your children need to understand they can rely on you to arrive and help them just as much as on their mom. And forth, it will give your wife a break and allow her to appreciate you in new and important ways. 

So, men, did you hear that? That's the sound of a relational opportunity for you. Don't miss it. 

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