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Legal Aid of East Tennessee hosting autocross event at BMS

March 22nd, 2014 7:54 pm by Nick Shepherd

Legal Aid of East Tennessee hosting autocross event at BMS

Racing at Bristol Motor Speedway usually involves multiple cars and laps, but a race coming in May will involve one car at a time and use time instead of laps.

The event is called SOLO Autocross and is hosted by a nonprofit organization called Legal Aid of East Tennessee. The event is competitive and open to the public. It is sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America.

"One of the ways we make money to be able to give services is through some of our fundraising events, and we do SOLO autocross racing," said Bill Evans, resource development director for Legal Aid of East Tennessee. "We have an event coming up. ... Autocross is precision driving."

Racers will drive around a timed precision course on a flat track. Cones will mark the track, and winners will be determined by the best time in each class.

Anyone can sign up to drive in the event. A $35 fee will be charged for people who want to race. Other fees include $10 to ride along with certain drivers when they tackle the course and $5 will get the whole family in to watch the races.

The event will be held the first weekend in May.

The proceeds will be split evenly between Legal Aid and Speedway Children's Charities.

Legal Aid of East Tennessee is a nonprofit law firm that helps low-income individuals pay for a lawyer when they are involved in a civil law case.

"We are so ingrained as a society in watching television and seeing somebody arrested and read their rights and they're told if you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you," Evans said. "That's not true in civil law. That's only true in criminal law."

Evans said if someone kills a person on the street, they have access to a lawyer; but if a low-income person is in a domestic violence situation, can't receive veterans' benefits or is being evicted, they won't receive the help of a public attorney.

Legal aid covers 26 counties with the regional office being located in Johnson City. There are 22 lawyers covering those 26 counties, and Legal Aid also enlists pro bono help when it can.

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