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Kingsport's Ailshie awarded raise, 4-year contract extension

March 20th, 2014 11:52 pm by Rick Wagner

Kingsport's Ailshie awarded raise, 4-year contract extension

LYLE AILSHIE. File photo.

KINGSPORT — The city Board of Education approved a raise and 4-year contract extension for Superintendent Lyle Ailshie in a called meeting Thursday night.

As of July 1, his annual base pay, vehicle allowance and home office allowance would add up to $184,074.92 a year.

"We are delighted with the way the system is going," BOE President Carrie Upshaw said during the meeting.

The base pay raise pushes Ailshie's annual pay, already the highest among Northeast Tennessee school systems, from $159,000 to $161.385 retroactive to March 5 and then to $167,840 effective July 1, not counting other allowances and benefits.

"Things worked out pretty much exactly how we hoped they would," BOE member and former President Randall Montgomery said of the academic results since the board hired Ailshie in March 2012. He said the four-year contract, the longest allowed by state law, gives the system and Ailshie stability, and Upshaw said it was a natural progression from a two-year contract to a three-year one and now a four-year one.

Hopefully, Upshaw said, the board won't have to revisit Ailshie's contract in the foreseeable future "to make any major changes."

As of July 1, 2016, his base pay would increase $2,400 and every July 1 thereafter, "subject to a satisfactory performance as determined by the board, the annual base salary of the superintendent will increase by the same proportional amount as such increase provided to other certified personnel by the school system."

Any bonus provided by the state also would be provided to Ailshie, but it would not become part of his base pay.

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