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Man demands own arrest after berating clerk

March 20th, 2014 4:00 pm by Rain Smith

Man demands own arrest after berating clerk

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

March 17

A Bristol woman called 911 due to an unknown vehicle sitting in her driveway for 15 minutes, with no one exiting. Two minutes later she advised everything was fine, it was actually a friend in a rental car.

Someone wanted police to check on a man at a Blountville store buying beer, as he already, "smells of alcohol — bad."

Three suspicious men along a Blountville road were allegedly toting, "shovels and plastic bags, high-power rifles."

Police were alerted to a potential drunk driver who had just left a Highway 11-W convenience store. The caller noted that the suspect had purchased, "$30 worth of candy bars."

March 18

Deputies were dispatched to a report of vandalism at a residence on Reservoir Road. A woman waiting in the roadway claimed that a man had "busted her television with a baseball bat," doing so as she packed her belongings to move out. The suspect denied striking the TV — which was observed lying on top of a flower pot outside, with the screen busted — stating that a man who was helping her move had fallen and dropped it. No police action was taken on the claim of vandalism, though the woman who called officers to the home was arrested on an outstanding warrant. So was the man who was helping her move.

Two males walking along Weaver Pike were allegedly, "pulling their pants down at cars."

Police were asked to check on a Kingsport man who had arrived for work, but was too drunk to perform his duties and told to go home. He was located at his home, determined to be heavily intoxicated and admitted to mixing alcohol with his prescribed medications. A deputy told him to stay at the residence and go nowhere else. A few minutes later, the officer observed the man driving down the street and into the parking lot of a gas station. Police made contact with him inside the store, where he "held onto the shelving to steady himself." He allegedly stated that he knew he was "too drunk to drive....should have listened when told to stay home." He was then arrested and charged with DUI.

March 19

A deputy was dispatched to a Bristol disturbance, where a man accused his neighbor of "taking pictures of him and his family." He said the woman had done so before, "and he was tired of the harassment." The suspect claimed only to have photographed her own plants. She also accused the complaintant's wife of throwing a cup full of soda and ice on her, but police observed her clothing to be dry. Both parties were advised to pursue private prosecution, if they wished.

Police were alerted to a suspicious woman "perched like a bird" outside of a Piney Flats restaurant: "Asking customers for a ride to Bristol to get pills."

Kingsport Police Department

March 17

A man requested police response to a disturbance at his residence on Arbutus Avenue. When officers arrived, the caller was standing in the driveway "yelling and cursing," and failed to comply with requests to lower his voice. "He continued on his rant to the point that we could not talk to other involved parties," reads a police report. As his actions "served no legitimate purpose," he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

A motorist on Watauga Street was previously "drinking a beer," according to a caller, and is "now having a Mike's Hard Lemonade."

While responding to a disturbance at a motel on Airport Parkway, police found a man in the breezeway, "yelling and screaming at the clerk." The frightened employee had taken up position "behind a locked door." The guest, who was complaining about the conditions in his room, had an odor of alcohol and admitted to drinking, and continued to scream after ordered to calm down. The officer's report says the suspect then, "held out his arms and told me to take him to jail." He was promptly arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

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