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Couponing 101: Food City

March 19th, 2014 2:01 pm by Amanda Arnold-Drinnon

Couponing 101:  Food City

First, make sure that you are a member of Food City's loyalty program and that you have a ValuCard. Without the ValuCard, you will pay full price.

You can register for a card at Food City or at Food City will accept printable and manufacturer coupons. A copy of their coupon policy can be found at

Again, to get the biggest bang for the buck, match coupons with sale cycles. Blogs, such as Southern Savers ( do the match-ups for you. Here is a link to the current deals at Food City: This blogger at Southern Savers puts acorns next to the items that are at good "stock up" prices.

Like Kroger, shopping at Food City can help save money on gas. Their program is called "Fuel Bucks." There are several ways to earn points to redeem for a gas discount: * Earn one point for every dollar spent * Watch for "Mega Fuel" items throughout the store. When you mix and match five of these specially marked items in a visit, you will receive 150 points. For a limited time, on Wednesdays you can earn 300 points for simply shopping on this day of the week. * Receive 50 points when you have a prescription filled at the pharmacy. * Earn 100 points when you purchase $50 in gift cards in a single transaction. (Food City cards and reloadable Visa cards are not part of this deal.) * For a limited time, you can earn 50 points per item for purchases that are made on-line and are shipped to your home. You can redeem 150 points and earn fifteen cents off per gallon of gas up to 20 gallons. This translates to $3 off per fill up.

Currently (and for a limited time) Food City is offering "Fantastic Fridays". On Fridays you can redeem up to 300 points, and save thirty cents off per gallon up to 20 gallons. This translates to six dollars off of a fill-up. Per Food City's web site the following restrictions apply: "Points earned during a particular month will expire at the end of the next month or during the promotion period. Oldest points are redeemed first. No limit on number of points you can redeem. Food City ValuCard must be scanned at pump or presented to attendant and discount per gallon will automatically be applied. Points earned will be visible on register receipt or online at"

Food City can also offer savings through their pharmacy. Their program is called "Food City's Discount Club." According to the Food City Web site there is an annual fee of $10 per family. This is one of those programs that you have to figure out if the investment is worth the return. The site currently advertises that they will award you $10 off of your next grocery order just for signing up. This would cover the first year and give you a FREE chance to see if the program works for you. For more information please visit Also, try a search on the web for the name of your prescription with the word "coupon."

You may be pleasantly surprised at how many prescription medications have coupons or "discount loyalty cards". For example, I recently searched "Epi-pen coupon" and found a discount card/coupon for Epi-pens that cover the co-pay up to $50. Here's the link I found My pharmacist will just need to verify that I qualify for the program. That's a great coupon to stack with a rewards program. Well, honestly, that's just a great coupon.

Also, Food City has a Wine Club, a Baby Club, and a Pet Club. Make sure that you register for these when you register your ValuCard online.

Next week we will continue our search to save money at the grocery store.

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