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Full 911 recording included: Hawkins man says wife didn't mean to stab him

March 18th, 2014 11:58 pm by Jeff Bobo

Full 911 recording included: Hawkins man says wife didn't mean to stab him


Woman allegedly claims Devil made her stab husband for worshipping NASCAR

CHURCH HILL — Steven Hamman told a Hawkins County 911 dispatcher his wife didn't mean to stab him Sunday night at a church altar in Church Hill.

Stephanie Faye Hamman, 23, 230 Silver Lake Road, Apt. I-11, Church Hill, will be arraigned today in Hawkins County Sessions Court for attempted first-degree murder and felony vandalism.

She allegedly drove her car into a church Sunday night shortly before 10 p.m. and then reportedly stabbed her husband in the chest at the altar. She allegedly told police she did it because he was worshiping the NASCAR race at Bristol that he was watching on TV at home, and the devil put bad ideas into her head.

She also allegedly made statements to police about her conversations with God and the devil, including God giving her permission to smoke marijuana at night "to help her relax."

In his call to 911 Steven Hamman told the dispatcher, "I don't know what's gotten into my wife."

Among the comments Steven Hamman made to the 911 dispatcher were:

"I don't know what has gotten into my wife. She went and wrecked her car into the church down here. ... I don't know what's wrong with her. I've gotten stabbed."

Hamman: "I don't know how bad my stab wound is, but it's (unintelligible)."

Dispatcher: OK, calm down and talk to me. Where were you stabbed at?"

Hamman: "I'm stabbed in the chest, right side. High. I think it got my lung. It hurts to breathe."

The dispatcher then had to calm Hamman down as he tried to explain what happened.

Hamman: "Please send help quick."

Dispatcher: "I'm getting them on the way as fast as I can."

Hamman: "Oh God, my lung."

Dispatcher: "Had she been drinking or anything like that?"

Hamman: "No. She just got back from a baptism in Claypool Hill (Tazewell County, Va.). I have at least 12 witnesses to it. We got home. She was asleep when we got here. I woke her up. Brought her inside. She started carrying stuff to the car. Then she just got in the car and drove off. I waited a while, and drove after her."

Dispatcher: "Was it a pocket knife she stabbed you with?"

Hamman: "It was a kitchen knife, man. She didn't mean to. I was trying to get hold of her. I was like, 'Baby do you even know what's going on. You just wrecked into the church.'"

Dispatcher: "And she stabbed you by accident?"

Hamman: "I tried to wrestler her, and I didn't know she had a knife in her hand. I thought her ring cut me."

Mrs. Hamman allegedly told police, "God told me He wanted me in there, so I drove my car through the front doors. God told me to, so I did it."

The 911 call can be heard at

She also allegedly stated, "When Steven came to check on me, I told him the devil was in me and I stabbed him in the heart. Have you heard if he is dead or not?"

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