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Alleged Kingsport shoplifter faces felony retaliation charge

March 18th, 2014 2:16 pm by Rain Smith

Alleged Kingsport shoplifter faces felony retaliation charge

Tony Massengill, 35

A man facing misdemeanor shoplifting charges picked up a felony offense while being transported to the Kingsport city jail, as he allegedly made veiled threats to shoot the officer and challenged him to pull over so they could go "toe to toe."

Monday at 7:30 p.m. Kingsport police were called to Walmart on West Stone Drive. According to a KPD incident report, loss prevention had observed a man conceal $57 worth of tools.

The suspect, identified as Tony Massengill, 35, told a responding officer that he was from Hiltons, Va., but carried no identification. Loss prevention stated they would fill out an affidavit related to the alleged theft, with Kingsport police placing Massengill under arrest for shoplifting.

A police report states that while being transported to the city jail, Massengill began to question the KPD officer. He allegedly asked the officer his first and last name, and when only given the first stated, "That's OK, I'll find out."

When Massengill was asked why he needed the information, he allegedly replied, "You'll see" — immediately followed by the question, "Do you like to target shoot?"

"I love to target shoot," Massengill allegedly told the officer. "And I'm good at it."

The officer reports telling Massengill that he didn't appreciate being threatened, to which Massengill responded by cursing.

He also allegedly challenged the officer to pull over and remove his handcuffs, allowing them to go, "toe to toe."

The alleged statements to police prompted a charge of retaliation for past actions, a Class E felony.

Tennessee code defines the charge as threatening to harm witnesses, law enforcement or other public officials for anything they have done in the capacity of their job.

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