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Support for parents of chronically ill children now available

March 18th, 2014 7:46 am by Annette Moreau Giaudrone

Support for parents of chronically ill children now available

Announcing Hope And Wisdom Coaching, LLC, a Professional Life Coaching service located in Kingsport.

Founded by a parent and caregiver to her 7-year old son, Leo, who is recovering from three life-threatening and critical medical conditions, Annette Moreau (Giaudrone) provides hope, wisdom and emotional support to parents of chronically ill children, inspiring them to reinvent and restore themselves while achieving balance within their family.

Annette and her family have experienced extreme heartache, exhaustion, stress and loss of home-life balance during the last seven years. These experiences motivated her to want to help other parents who also are struggling under the burden of caregiver. "Caregivers sacrifice so much of their personal time and physical energy. I want to help them rediscover and recreate their own life again into something that has meaning and balance. Then they will have the energy to continue caring for their loved one." Annette clearly remembers feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do when it came to the many responsibilities she carried. "I knew I needed help and I was fortunate to learn about life coaching. It doesn't dig up the past like many traditional therapies. Instead, it helps build a path for the future. Life Coaching is a process of examining what is going on right now, identifying your challenges, and helping you choose a course of action to make your life be want you want it to be."

And by being coachable Annette was able to reinvent and restore her own personal life. She found the effectiveness of life coaching so helpful that she became a professional life coach. "It is my desire to offer other parents of sick children the support I wish would have been available to me. I want parents who feel like they have lost control of their own life to find balance and peace even though they cannot control the life of their sick child."

Through her new business, Hope And Wisdom Coaching, Annette uses her skills to teach others how to make smart choices that will create balance in their own life. Particularly, she is an expert at coping with the varied and difficult emotions that come with caring for a critically ill loved one. She even has a monthly e-newsletter called "Coping", (sign-up on her website) that discusses the various individual emotions caregivers typically experience and offers coping wisdom on each. If you are going through any of these experiences or you know someone else that is, Annette invites you to contact her and welcomes you to Hope And Wisdom.

Come and meet Annette personally this Thursday, March 20 from 5-9pm at Brushstrokes N' More located at 1001 E. Stone Drive, in Kingsport. Learn about personal support available from Hope And Wisdom Coaching, get coping tips, connect with other caregivers and enjoy a few hours break! Light refreshments will be served.

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