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Woman allegedly claims devil told her to stab husband for 'worshiping' NASCAR

March 17th, 2014 12:02 pm by Jeff Bobo

Woman allegedly claims devil told her to stab husband for 'worshiping' NASCAR

Stephanie Faye Hamman, 23,

CHURCH HILL — A woman who allegedly drove her car into a church Sunday night and then stabbed her husband in the chest at the altar because he was "worshiping the NASCAR race at Bristol" also reportedly made numerous statements about her conversations with God and the devil.

Stephanie Faye Hamman, 23, 230 Silver Lake Rd. Apt I-11, Church Hill, allegedly told police God told her to drive through the front doors of Providence Church on Silver Lake Road, and that the devil was in her.

According to a report filed by CHPD Chief Mark Johnson, Hamman called her husband Steven Hamman after the crash, and when he arrived and found her on the church altar, she allegedly attempted to stab him in the heart. Mr. Hamman had been at home Sunday night watching the race on TV.

"She stated God had told her that smoking marijuana all day and all night was not good for her, and that she only needed to smoke it at night to help her relax," Johnson said. "Mrs. Hamman further stated that she felt her husband Steven was worshiping the NASCAR race at Bristol, which made her mad, and she began having thoughts that the devil put in her head."

Shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday CHPD Officer Dustin Dean was dispatched to the Hammons' apartment at The Landings in reference to a male that had been involved in a stabbing.

Steven Hamman, stated his wife had left the residence and wrecked her vehicle at Providence Church, located across the street from their apartment.

He stated he went to check on his wife, and discovered she had driven her vehicle through the front doors of the church.
Moments later CHPD officers found that a vehicle had driven into the church causing damage and then fled the scene.

"Mr. Hamman stated he found his wife lying in front of the altar, and as he checked on her, she stated, 'The devil is in me', and stabbed him on the right side of his chest with a large kitchen knife, Johnson said. "Mr. Hamman stated he pulled the knife out of his chest and fled the scene. He went back to the apartment where he waited on police and EMS assistance."

The kitchen knife allegedly used by Mrs. Hamman was recovered. Police also located the Toyota Celica she was driving at an apartment complex parking lot in Allandale. 

Johnson said the damage to the her Toyota was consistent with the damage to the church.

Stephanie Hamman was located about 20 minutes later at the emergency room of the Holston Valley Medical Center.
Dean read Stephanie Hamman her rights, at which time she allegedly stated she decided to live for God and got baptized at Providence Church this morning.

Police later learned she hadn't actually been baptized that morning at Providence Church, but she may have been baptized at a church in Scott, County, Va. Sunday morning.

The following are allegedly direct quotes that Mrs. Hamman made to the CHPD:

"So God told me He wanted me in there, so I drove my car through the front doors. God told me to, so I did it."

"After I drove through the doors, I put all the things I brought to the church at the altar. I called Steven and told him I had wrecked. I laid down in front of the altar until he got there. The devil told me to take the kitchen knife with me. I prayed I would not have to use it on him, but I did."

"When Steven came to check on me, I told him the devil was in me and I stabbed him in the heart. Have you heard if he is dead or not?"

"I smoke a bunch of weed. I love to smoke it. Sometimes when I do, I start seeing things that others don't. Isn't God good? He told me that this would happen, and just look, I am okay."

Mrs. Hamman also allegedly stated that her relatives brought her to the hospital.

"I was riding with them to a party at the racetrack when they brought me here. I was outside digging in the mud when the devil told me I need to go there. I knew God would help me live right."

Hamman was charged with attempted first-degree murder and felony vandalism.

She was being held at the Hawkins County Jail with no bond set pending arraignment in Sessions Court Wednesday.

As of Monday afternoon Steven Hamman was at the HVMC listed in fair condition.

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