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Man reports infected toenail as gunshot wound

March 13th, 2014 1:37 pm by Rain Smith

Man reports infected toenail as gunshot wound

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incidenteports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

March 11

Police responded to a Church Hill residence, where a woman claimed her ex-husband had "messed with the septic tank." The sink and bathtub drains were backed up, while an officer observed "paper crammed into a vent pipe."

Officers attempting to serve a warrant in Rogersville knocked on a door approximately 45 minutes before contact was made with a resident. A man who answered claimed the wanted woman was not present, though a search located her hiding in a closet. She was additionally charged with evading arrest, as was the man. While at the scene police learned they were newlyweds, married just two weeks prior.

March 12

Following a domestic disturbance in Rogersville, a woman told police that her husband had "been fussing at her because she wanted more ice cream." She also admitted to drinking heavily, the product of a recent death that she was having problems coping with. Her husband corroborated that their altercation was spurred by her desire for ice cream, saying that she got upset when he tried to make her go to bed. Bruising and abrasions were observed on his chest, evidence of the woman hitting him, but neither individual wished to press charges.

An officer in sessions court observed a man unsteady on his feet and speaking with slurred speech. Sobriety tests were administered and he performed poorly, resulting in his arrest for public intoxication. He had been released from jail the previous day on the same charge.

Police responded to a dispute in Mooresburg, where brothers were arguing over who owned a piece of property. During the incident, one man allegedly made a veiled threat to kill and bury the other: "I'll give you some land - dirt in your face." An incident report notes the men are currently involved in a court case over the property, while one advised police that if they are called back to the land, "It would be wiser to wear bulletproof vests."

Kingsport Police Department

March 10

Police were alerted to people "playing music loudly" and "yelling about selling pills."

March 11

A female motorist on Lynda Lane exited the roadway, striking several mailboxes and a pole. As an officer investigated the crash the woman freely offered — without being questioned — that her "friend's husband is mad 'cause I drank all his tequila." She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was arrested.

Dispatch was advised of a disturbance on Chadwick Drive. Upon police arrival, a man reported that he and a woman, who is the mother of "several" of his children, had been arguing. The woman, who does not have a license, attempted to leave with the children, but the man feared for their safety and tried to remove them from the vehicle. The female then hopped out of the vehicle and "jabbed him with the car keys," leaving an abrasion on his arm. She was arrested for domestic assault.

March 12

A motorist dialed dispatch from East Sullivan Street, claiming he was traveling behind a vehicle driven by his brother. The other man was drinking, according to the caller, and slamming on his brakes to try and cause a collision.

While police were speaking with a woman about a previous theft report, dispatch advised that she had active warrants in Sullivan County for failure to appear. As officers attempted to take her into custody, she tried to run away while yelling, "I'm not going back to jail!" Officers were able to grab her arms and "escort" her to the ground, but she continued to squirm and fight while being handcuffed. Besides her arrest on the active warrant, she now faces charges of resisting arrest.

March 13

A Kingsport man dialed 911 to report he had been shot twice. A responding officer found the caller with slurred speech and emitting an odor of alcohol, at which point he admitted to drinking "about a liter" of beer. He didn't wish to pursue charges against the purported shooter — but did want transport to the hospital, hoping to receive treatment for the alleged pain he was experiencing. When asked to display his gunshot wounds the man presented a "small scratch" — approximately two inches long — on the top of his hand. The other "injury," according to the officer's report, "appeared to be an infected toenail." The man was told to go to bed and "sober up." Three minutes after police departed, he again dialed 911, reporting "the exact same complaint" of being shot. He was then transported to jail on a charge of aggravated abuse of 911. Upon being granted his one phone call he again dialed 911 "to report his injuries."

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