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Couponing 101: Time to go Krogering!

March 12th, 2014 10:42 am by Amanda Arnold-Drinnon

Couponing 101: Time to go Krogering!

Kroger is awesome, but if you walk into Kroger and buy whatever you want, you aren't going to save much money. Kroger has some great sales, but if you want to maximize your savings then you must use coupons on the sale items. 

Kroger Plus Card 

As always, the first thing you need to do is register for the Kroger Plus Card. This is Kroger's version of a rewards/loyalty program. You can register at the customer service desk by filling out a short form, or you can register on-line at

You have to use this card every time you shop in order to get the sale prices, or you will pay full price! If you register for a card at customer service, be sure to go on-line and add your mailing address because Kroger frequently mails out coupons. You will periodically receive coupon booklets and personalized coupons based on your shopping habits. Many times you will receive coupons for FREE items, for example, recently there was one for a free 16 oz. Kraft salad dressing. Another great thing about the Kroger Plus Card is that you can go to and add digital coupons directly to your card. 


Kroger accepts the following:
Manufacturer Newspaper Coupons
Per the Kroger coupon policy, our local Kroger will accept up to five like coupons unless otherwise stated on the coupon. Most coupons limit four like coupons per transaction. This is written on the coupon. 

Printable Coupons, eCoupons
Kroger accepts Cellfire, ShortCuts, Kroger, and P&G! 

Money Back eCoupons
Upromise ( , SavingStar ( ), Ibotta (

Sadly, the local Kroger no longer doubles any coupons. Also, they only allow one coupon per item. In other words, Kroger does NOT stack manufacturer and store coupons. Kroger's coupon policy is available at:

Kroger Sales
Kroger has some amazing sales. Two of my favorites are: 10 for $10.00: You do not need to purchase 10 items. Each item will be priced at $1.00 per item even if you only buy three. You can mix and match products and stack the sale with coupons. Mega Events: These require you to purchase a certain number of items to get savings, for example, "Buy 10 participating items and save $5 instantly." You can mix and match items to receive the discount. This adds up to fifty cents off per item.

Prescription Transfers
Kroger almost constantly runs rewards for prescription transfers. The typical deal is $25 per prescription with a limit of $100 per trip or $500 per year. The $25 will come as a "gift card" that is placed on your Kroger card. They will not recognize this deal if you have any form of federally funded insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, and so on.). Per the Kroger's weekly insert, ask your local Kroger pharmacy if you qualify. 

Fuel Program 

You must have a Kroger Plus Card to take advantage of the fuel program. According to the Kroger web site: "The fuel program allows you to receive savings of up to $1 off per gallon on fuel purchases at Kroger and 10 off per gallon at participating Shell Stations. You may redeem 100 fuel points at participating Shell Stations for a 10 off per gallon savings. And you may redeem up to 1,000 fuel points in a single fill-up at Kroger. For each increment of 100 fuel points redeemed at Kroger, 10 off per gallon will be awarded. Program discount is good for one purchase of fuel, up to 35 gallons..." There are three ways to earn fuel points: 1. $1 in Groceries = 1 fuel point. 2. Buy gift cards and receive double fuel points, for example, $25 in Gift Cards = 50 fuel points. 3. Have your prescription refilled. Watch for special promotions for fuel points. To use points at a Kroger fuel center, scan your Kroger Plus Card or key in your Alt-Id (your phone number) on the key pad. For more information about the fuel program, please visit: .

 Kroger offers a multitude of ways to save. You can stack sales, coupons, prescription transfers, and money back eCoupons to see major savings. Remember, it's not all or nothing. Find which techniques work for you and your schedule. Any savings are better than none. 

Next week, we will look at opportunities to save at Food City. Please send all questions, comments, and/or tips to I look forward to hearing from you!

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