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Treasures abound at Uncle Sam's Loan Office

March 12th, 2014 10:00 am by Collin Brooks

Treasures abound at Uncle Sam's Loan Office

Owning a pawn shop isn't the glamorous life that TV has depicted, but it isn't the grungy life of stolen merchandise that some people perceive it to be.

"So many people have a misconception of pawn shops," said Cheryl Ann Brown, owner of Uncle Sam's Loan Office in downtown Bristol. "We are here to help people and that is what we have done over the years."

Most of those people are the working class that might need gas money to get to work, or elderly people that depend on the extra income to get through the month.

"They count on us as a part of their livelihood to get through the week," Brown said. "We are known as the poor man's bank."

Brown has never seen one of the television shows that glorify her business, but she can relate to some of the amazing things they see.

"I'm never totally surprised by what I see come in," said Brown, who has been in the business 30 years.

Through those years, there is only one thing that Brown knows she hasn't seen: a suit of Armor.

"That's the only thing I can tell you that I've never really had anyone come in to pawn," Brown said.

But no matter the item, don't be to intimidated to haggle.

"We expect people to haggle," Brown said. "If they don't and just look, then that's their loss.,Because we make better deals."

No matter the deal, there's no doubt there are plenty of treasures at Uncle Sam's Loan Office.

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