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Wise Police Department warns of debit, credit card fraud

March 7th, 2014 10:36 pm by Stephen Igo

Wise Police Department warns of debit, credit card fraud

WISE — The Wise Police Department issued a warning to all residents of the town of Wise and Wise County on Thursday to be on the alert for debit and credit card fraud described as widespread across the area on Thursday.

The Wise P.D. is encouraging all residents of the town and the county to closely monitor their bank accounts and credit card transactions for any possible fraudulent activity.

Beginning March 3, the police department said “multiple citizens” of the town and county have reported fraudulent activity on their debit and credit cards. The illicit transactions are appearing as a $1 charge to numerous gas stations (Shell, Exxon, Racetrac, Hess) in the areas of Hialeah, Oakland Park and Miami, Fla.

The $1 hold on the account has been taking approximately one to three days to process before the transaction completes. The transactions typically range from $65 to $175 once they are processed.

As of Thursday there were three employees of the Wise P.D. whose accounts had been compromised and several other residents of the town and Wise County, the police department said.

Reports of new victims across the area rose throughout the day on Thursday as bank customers and cardholders found suspicious activity on their accounts.

“All of the reports have been strikingly similar in regards to locations and dollar amounts,” the Wise P.D. posted on its Facebook page. “We urge all residents to report any fraudulent activity to your bank or cardholder as soon as possible.”

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