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Shoplifters return swiped goods overnight

March 7th, 2014 11:19 am by Rain Smith

Shoplifters return swiped goods overnight

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies. Kingsport Police Department

March 4

Police were called to apartments on East Center Street due to a man banging on a door. He was located staggering in the breezeway, emitting a strong odor of alcohol and "slobbering." He repeatedly tried to hand the officer a $20 bill, all while claiming that he wasn't drunk. He was determined by police to be a "danger to himself and to others," and attempted to run away while being placed under arrest. At that point he was pinned against a wall by two officers. While being taken to the squad car he again resisted, bracing himself against the open door and forcing officers to stuff him inside. He was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest.

March 5

A Kingsport man returned home to find his residence had been burglarized. Two firearms and accessories were stolen in the incident, with the victim suspecting a neighbor who "kept asking about his guns." The suspect was interviewed at his home, but assured he wouldn't steal from the victim because, "we are best friends." When detectives arrived at the scene he consented to a search, which located the stolen pistol in a bed, stolen rifle in the basement. He was arrested for aggravated burglary and theft.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

March 4

Shortly after 1 p.m. dispatch was alerted to a man "walking out into traffic" on Highway 11W in Rogersville. A deputy located the suspect, who smelled of alcohol and was lethargic, arresting him for public intoxication

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

March 3

A welfare check was requested for several children at a county laundromat. The caller said they were "making horse noises" and "screaming vulgar words," with one juvenile also, "playing cards with an imaginary friend."

March 4

A county man received a concerned call from his mother's employer, saying she had not shown up for work. After checking her residence and locating her car, cell phone and keys, but not his mother, he called police. Dispatch then informed him that she had been arrested and is currently jailed.

Police were asked to check on a female allegedly on bath salts, as she had exited a vehicle on Highway 11-W and refused to get back inside.

A Bristol man exchanged vehicles with a man he had made contact with on Craigslist. Two weeks later Johnson City detectives were at has house, telling him the pickup he received in the swap was reported as stolen. They then took possession of the vehicle, leaving him with nothing, and continue investigating the case.

A deputy responded to a disturbance at a Kingsport home, where the resident said her ex-boyfriend sends texts that he, "loves her and will get her back." He then sent a text that he wanted to see her, and minutes later was knocking at her door. She refused to answer. After "a few minutes of him yelling" the suspect left, and was later located by police at his Blountville home. He was then jailed on an outstanding warrant for failure to pay child support.

A shop on Bloomingdale Road reported the theft of an air compressor from a sidewalk during business hours. Suspects were listed as a previous customer and two unknown men who accompanied him, but remained outside while he shopped. The next day the complainant called police again, saying she had received a call from the customer overnight. When she arrived at work the next morning the stolen compressor had been returned, and was sitting outside.

March 5

Police were alerted to someone placing a "detour sign on a bridge," where there was no construction nor detour needed. When they arrived the sign was no longer present.

Officers were called to a domestic dispute at a Kingsport home. A 15-year-old allegedly pushed her mother, who responded by locking the child out of the residence.

A Piney Flats man called police after he was picking up trash along a ditch near his driveway, finding a discarded Mountain Dew bottle with tubes attached. Police responded, confirming the bottle was a meth cook device.

A Blountville resident reported theft from her yard, where someone made away with a log from a wild cherry tree. 

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