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With deadline nearing, only three candidates have applied for Hawkins school director's job

March 4th, 2014 11:09 pm by Jeff Bobo

With deadline nearing, only three candidates have applied for Hawkins school director's job

ROGERSVILLE — As of Tuesday evening, only three candidates had submitted an application for the Hawkins County director of schools position with the deadline to apply looming on March 12.

Two of those applicants are current county school central office staff, and the third is from Richmond, Va.

The Tennessee School Board Association is conducting the search for a new director to replace Charlotte Britton, who will retire on July 1.

Board member Chris Christian expressed concern during Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting that there might not be enough time for the TSBA to compile an adequate selection of applicants.

Board Chairman Randy Collier said he too was concerned about the low applicant count, and he called TSBA deputy executive director and general counsel Randall Bennett, who is overseeing the director search.

“He said not to get uptight, that a lot of people were gathering a lot of information for the (application) packet that they’re requesting,” Collier said. “He said he would stay in contact with me to let me know how it’s going and if I need to come back to the board to extend the deadline.”

The current application deadline is March 12. The TSBA is scheduled to present the BOE a list of finalists on March 20.

“At that deadline, if we only have so many, he can come back to the board and ask to send more (applicant advertisements) out,” Collier said.

In related business, Collier requested that the board’s scheduled appointment day for the new director, which was previously set for May 1, be rescheduled for May 15 after the May 6 Hawkins County primary elections.

Collier is a candidate for the clerk of courts position.

“As everyone is aware, I am currently in a campaign,” Collier told the board. “There’s a lot of chatter going on out there that due to political reasons, having a campaign and primary on May 6 might influence my vote for superintendent in order to gain political favor.”

The board unanimously approved Collier’s request to move the director appointment day to May 15.

“Not that it would influence me in any way, but I don’t want the public to think that in any way that it would,” Collier added.

The remainder of the director of schools search timeline will stay intact.

The BOE’s regular monthly May meeting will still be May 1, but a special called meeting will also be set for May 15 for the board to vote to approve the new director.

In other business Tuesday the BOE:

  • Heard a report from maintenance director Bill Shedden that the location of septic holding tanks proposed at Surgoinsville Elementary as part of the town’s sewer system installation had been moved to a location on campus that wouldn’t interfere with future classroom expansions.
  • Shedden told the BOE that architect Don Solt had drafted a four-classroom expansion on the east wing of the school as part of the proposed Phase 4 countywide building project. The new location of the tanks would increase the amount of pipe that the school system would have to maintain, but won’t impact the project timeline.

    The BOE will consider final approval of a revised sewer contract with Surgoinsville during the April meeting.

  • Agreed to allow Mount Carmel Elementary to spend $8,200 to pave a 0.7 mile walking trail around the playground during spring break next week. The funds for the project are coming from several sources, including $2,000 from Coordinated School Health, $2,500 that the school received as a reward from Eastman Chemical Co. for placing in the top three in the state in academic growth, $2,000 that the school received from the BOE as a share of energy program savings and $1,700 in general school funds.
  • Agreed to allow Carters Valley Elementary to purchase an LED sign for the entrance of the school not to exceed $5,000. The sign will be purchased with school funds.
  • Scheduled a BOE Athletic Committee meeting for March 18 at 6 p.m. at the board room.
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