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A Little Taste of Harmony brings authentic tastes of the bayou to East Tennessee

January 27th, 2014 8:42 am by Collin Brooks

A Little Taste of Harmony brings authentic tastes of the bayou to East Tennessee

Tucked away in a little cranny of a shopping mall is an eatery exploding with flavor. 

A Little Taste of Harmony, a family-owned, Cajun-Creole style restaurant, brings the authentic tastes of the bayou to East Tennessee.

“The Cajun and Creole that you get here is about as authentic as you will get unless you go down to New Orleans,” owner Scott Compton said. 

Compton, whose parents owned the Harmony Grocery restaurant, noticed a void in the area of one of his passions - authentic Cajun-Creole food - after the old restaurant closed down. The thought to open his own restaurant came from the popularity of the lunches he’d fix for himself, only to see them devoured by others.

“I would come in and fix the Cajun food for my lunch and everyone would keep eating it,” Compton said. “So I told them they would have to start paying for it.”

His background of 20 years as a chef at the restaurant gave him the ability to perfect his craft. Multiple trips to Cajun country and visits from chefs allowed him to perfect his skills. The time in the kitchen made him appreciate the unique flavors and helped him to create some of his own. 

“You see Emeril and Paul Prudhomme, they have their own Cajun spices. This one is mine,” Compton said.

All of the recipes were created by Compton, but he allows chef Torrey Smith to tend to the stove while he continues his day job as a tattoo artist. His wife, Sabrina, tends to the serving and daily operations of the restaurant. 

“I make sure all the food tastes good. That is my job,” Compton said jokingly. “So basically, this place is more for myself than anyone, but everyone is welcome to come and eat.”

And don’t let the sound of Cajun set your mouth ablaze.

“Our Cajun is authentic Cajun. It is not just spicy, it is full of flavor,” Compton said. “We don’t want to scare people off thinking that everything here is burning hot. We aren’t trying to set peoples’ heads on fire.”

The menu features numerous delicacies like crawfish étouffée, fried alligator, blackened oysters and catfish. They also have some of the freshest seafood in the area. 

“All of my seafood is flown in overnight,” Compton said. “If someone wanted a certain kind of tuna or swordfish, I could have it here tomorrow. As long as I know by 5 o’clock, it will be here the next day.”

Oh, and have no fears. If someone in the family might not have the pallet for the extra flavor, A Little Taste of Harmony does offer other items that aren’t as zestful.

All of the flavors are even available for carryout. They can also bring them to your doorstep. 

For more information about A Little Taste of Harmony, find them on Facebook or visit the restaurant at 5400 Fort Henry Drive, Suite 8. For information or to order, you can also call 423-245-NOLA.

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