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Man seeks work excuse from dispatchers: Can you call my boss?

January 30th, 2014 2:21 pm by Rain Smith

Man seeks work excuse from dispatchers: Can you call my boss?

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 28

While entering his car to go to work, a Bulls Gap man found someone had vandalized it during the night. Scratched into the side of the vehicle were the words "drugie" and "whor."

A Mooresburg woman told police that she lets homeless people stay at her residence.  One of those individuals, 84, had allegedly given another house guest a life insurance check to deposit into his account. The woman hasn't been seen since, while the check was never deposited. The suspect also racked up a $300 bill at the residence for purchases from Dish Network.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 27

At 6 a.m. dispatch was alerted to a "passed out" female lying at the side of Gravely Road. An officer responded to find she was a student at her bus stop, who reported falling asleep while waiting. She was determined to be OK, put on the bus to go to school.

Police were advised of a possible burglary at a Bristol home. They found the resident's brother in the driveway, with the man saying he had permission to be there. When contacted, the resident said that wasn't true, he had told his brother multiple times to stay away. A pat down of the suspect located two blank checks from his brother's checking account. When asked why he had them, the man stated, "Well, I guess I (expletived) up." He was arrested for burglary.

Jan. 28

An I-81 motorist reported a reckless truck that was hauling cars. One of the cars being transported had its door open, according to the caller, which swung outward and knocked the side mirror off her vehicle.

Jan. 29

A Kingsport woman told dispatch that she had received texts from her children, who were staying at the home of their father. The children's messages stated that the man was threatening to "kick them out in the snow," so she requested a welfare check at the home. She soon called back to say nevermind, everything is now OK.

Kingsport Police Department

Jan. 29

Police responded to Walmart on West Stone Drive, where a pair of shoplifters had wheeled a 60-inch LED TV out the door. A loss prevention officer noted one of the suspects was already "banned for life" from all Walmart stores, due to previous thefts.

A Church Hill man was arrested for an incident that occurred in April of 2013. While at the customer service desk of Walmart on Fort Henry Drive, he reportedly pulled out a pocket knife and told the clerk, "This is a stick up. " He then backtracked, saying "just kidding," and walked out while mentioning that he had a gun. Police reviewed surveillance footage that verified the employees'  account of events and obtained a warrant. The suspect was taken into custody by Kingsport police at the Hawkins County Justice Center, charged with aggravated robbery.

Wise County Sheriff's Department

Jan. 28

A caller from Big Stone Gap didn't care if dispatch, "sends fire, rescue or police," but she needed "about four good strong men" to get her sister out of the tub.

A man in Pound asked dispatchers about road conditions, wondering if they were suitable for travel. He then wanted police to call his workplace, tell his boss that he, "doesn't have to come to work." The request was denied.

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