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Man arrested after seeking bath salts at sex shop

January 28th, 2014 2:38 pm by Rain Smith

Man arrested after seeking bath salts at sex shop

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 23

Rogersville residents reported that their landlord entered their trailer while no one was home, gathered their belongings and discarded them at the landfill. One of the victims reportedly located their possessions at the dump, but was not allowed to retrieve the items by employees. Police interviewed the landlord, who admitted to throwing the property away. He said the items were "junk" and of no value. A deputy was going to follow up on the renter's complaint and contact the landfill when they opened the next morning.

Police were alerted to an unresponsive female at a Bulls Gap residence. She was found semiconscious in a bed with pinpoint pupils and attempting to argue with her husband "over a dog." She was told multiple times to calm down, but refused, and was repeatedly ordered not to go outside due to her "current condition." She then told police she was exiting to smoke  and "doesn't care who likes it." On the porch she nearly fell over the railing and down the stairs, leading to her arrest for disorderly conduct.

Jan. 24

At 4 p.m. police were asked to check on a man walking down a Rogersville road. They found that he had "multiple lacerations" to his legs and hands. He admitted to consuming alcohol, marijuana and meth at a party the night before, but was "very confused" about how he had ended up outside. He was arrested for public intoxication.

Jan. 26

A Rogersville woman reported harassment from a man. He had allegedly sent text messages stating he'd make her life "miserable" along with removing flowers from her mother's grave.

A Church Hill woman told police that her landlord arrived at her camper and began yelling at her and another woman. He also "kept circling them in a golf cart."

Kingsport Police Department

Jan. 26

Officers responded to a noise disturbance on Eastline Drive. A report says a woman was found "highly intoxicated" and "fell in the floor three times" in front of an officer. She was also arguing with her ex-boyfriend, who left the apartment with their children, and then was told by an officer to stay inside and be quiet. Before police reached their patrol car, the woman was heard "slamming or kicking something" inside the apartment, prompting her arrested for disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 25

A woman claimed that someone tried to run over her with a car during an argument at a swap meet in Gray.

A Blountville man told dispatch that he had been "tackled to the floor" by his brother, who became angry when asked to move out of the victim's home. The unwanted guest also allegedly put his foot on his brother's neck, applying pressure to keep him pinned down.

Jan. 26

Police responded to a disturbance at a Packing House Road residence, where a woman and her boyfriend were arguing "about breakfast." The man admitted to tearing up blinds during the dispute, but no physical confrontation, and left the home to stay with his mother. Police took no action.

The clerk at an adult novelty store reported a suspicious customer with a "blank look on his face." He wandered around inside the business for 45 minutes, and when questioned if he needed any assistance didn't respond. He later asked if they sold bath salts. After purchasing two other products, he sat outside in his car for an hour, where police found him intoxicated. He admitted to drinking four beers earlier in the evening and was arrested for DUI.

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