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Second chance: Rogersville officer saves teen found hanging in suicide attempt

January 23rd, 2014 4:36 pm by Jeff Bobo

Second chance: Rogersville officer saves teen found hanging in suicide attempt

RPD Officer Chris Price

ROGERSVILLE — An 18-year-old Rogersville woman received a second chance at life Wednesday night after a local officer found her hanging by the neck in a carport and cut her down just in time to save her life.

At 8:02 p.m. Wednesday Rogersville Police Department Officer Chris Price was dispatched to a residence on Main Street where an 18-year-old woman was making suicide threats.

It only took two minutes for Price to arrive on the scene. RPD Chief Doug Nelson said it was that quick response that saved the girl’s life.

Price was met in the driveway by a 19-year-old male from that same address who stated the young woman was threatening to kill herself.

“I then asked him where she was at and he directed me to a nearby carport,” Price said. “He said he was by the back of a (parked) Ford Bronco, but he didn’t know what she was doing.”

Price added, “As I approached I observed the victim hanging from several scarves that were tied around the exposed beams of the carport. I then got to the bumper and picked her up to release the tension on her neck. I then asked the male if he had a knife to cut the scarf. We then laid the victim on the ground and I untied the knot around her neck as she resumed breathing.”

The victim was transported by Hawkins County EMS to the Holston Valley Medical Center. 

Nelson said a suicide note was found in the victim’s back pocket in which she stated she’d broken up with her boyfriend about a week ago, they hadn’t been able to get back together, and she didn’t want to live. 

A 13-year-old girl who also resides at that address stated that the victim had been gathering up scarves all that evening, and that she had been “acting crazy.”

Nelson said he has drafted a letter of commendation for Price that will be placed in his personnel file. 

“She’d been hanging there a minute or two, and she’d already lost control of her kidneys and was unconscious,” Nelson said. “She didn’t have long to live. That was pretty close. If Chris had gotten there a few second later, it would have been over for her.”

Nelson said, “That situation would stress any officer out, but he did a good job. I sent him a text last night and said, ‘I hate that you had to see that, and she might not appreciate it now, but somewhere down the road she’ll look back and appreciate the second chance that you gave her’. An 18-year-old breaking up with her boyfriend — that isn’t going to be a big deal for her 10 years from now. But, still being alive sure will be.”

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