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Man arrested after hassling Kingsport pharmacist

January 21st, 2014 3:57 pm by Rain Smith

Man arrested after hassling Kingsport pharmacist

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 16

Dispatch was alerted to a dispute between several people at a Kingsport residence. It reportedly began with a 12-year-old "throwing food" at her father.

Officers were advised to use caution while attempting to serve a warrant, as the suspect had made past threats toward  police and stated he "would not go down easy."

A Rock Springs Road motorist claimed that another vehicle was "trying to play chicken" and run him off the road.

Jan. 17

A Blountville woman reported a theft by her neighbors, saying they stole a wheel off her car.

A Blountville man called police on his neighbor. He claimed the other man, against whom he has a restraining order, was standing at their property line and "staring at him."

Jan. 19

A 911 caller from Weaver Branch Road heard his brother "screaming for help" and claiming an unknown man was at their home. The caller locked himself in a bedroom while dialing dispatch, but then reported police weren't needed. He said  his brother was "playing a joke ... being silly."

Dispatch was alerted to a drunken man at McDonald's in Piney Plats. He reportedly "hasn't caused a problem yet, but is getting worse."

Police were advised of a man climbing a utility pole on Orebank Road, possibly stealing metal. A responding officer found the pole had not been vandalized and nothing was taken, then made contact with the suspect. He told police that he works as a lineman and was only showing his girlfriend "how to climb a pole." No police action was taken.

Wise County Sheriff's Department

Jan. 2

A man called police from a gas station in Wise. He said the interlock ignition on his car won't start, has incorrectly determined that he's intoxicated. He believed the malfunction was due to him using hand sanitizer, and requested an officer respond to verify his theory. When a deputy arrived, he had already departed.

Kingsport Police Department

Jan. 17

Police observed a man stumbling around his vehicle while pumping gas at a Fort Henry Drive convenience store. When contact was made with the man, he had an odor of alcohol and initially denied drinking. Police say he then "changed his statement to having two beers while holding up four fingers." When asked to perform field sobriety tests, he claimed that he didn't understand English, which the officer believed to be a lie, and became "angry and aggressive." When he attempted to pull away, he was taken to the ground and placed into custody, arrested for public intoxication and resisting police.

Jan. 18

During investigation of a domestic disturbance on Barnett Drive, a woman began yelling and cursing at police. According to the reporting officer, the woman "repeatedly told me her brother was an attorney and would have my job." When asked for identification she "just continued to curse," eventually pushing an officer and yelling, "(expletive) you!" She was then arrested for public intoxication and assault. While being placed in the back of a cruiser, she spat in an officer's face.

The owner of a Fort Henry Drive pharmacy reported a man entered and began "requesting to clean the store." The offer was declined and the man was repeatedly told to leave, but before departing he walked behind the counter. The pharmacist believed the suspect was attempting to steal prescription narcotics. The next day the man returned, walked behind the counter again and "started causing a disturbance." When an officer responded, the man ignored police commands and tried to run away, prompting the officer to toss him to the floor. After being warned that he would be Tasered the man complied with commands and was taken into custody. "Assorted pills" were found in his pocket, and he was arrested on charges of drug possession and resisting police. 

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